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Browns Introduce First Round Draft Picks Manziel, Gilbert

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — The Cleveland Browns introduced their first round draft picks, Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel Friday afternoon.

The Browns first pick during the NFL Draft night Thursday was Gilbert, Oklahoma State defensive back.

The Browns made three moves and passed manziel jerseyover some high impact players, finally taking Johnny Manziel — aka — ‘Johnny Football’ at 22.

He and Gilbert arrived in Cleveland Friday morning for the afternoon press conference.

Friday, Manziel’s jersey was already hanging in the Cleveland Browns Team Shop.

And Browns officials say more than 1,000 tickets were sold within an hour after the draft ended Thursday night. That grew to 1,500 s of Friday morning, and the team said calls were still coming in at a steady pace Friday afternoon.

The second and third rounds of the NFL Draft begins at 7 p.m. Friday. The Browns currently have the third selection in the second round and the seventh in the third round.

For one-on-one interviews with Gilbert and Manziel from Thursday night, click here.

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Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:22 pm

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Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:20 pm

Gilbert: It’s just a blessing to be here.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:19 pm

Manziel: “I know my place. I wanna show these guys actions are better than words”
when asked if his celebrity status might put him above teammates.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:16 pm

Manziel: I’m a rookie going in. It’s all about earning these guys’ respect.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:14 pm

Gilbert about technique: It’s something I’m working on every day. Technique is the most important thing.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:11 pm

Gilbert when he heard about Browns picking Manziel: I heard (Manziel’s) name, so I let down the window and I started screaming, “Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Browns!”

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:09 pm

Manziel: My main goal is to work extremely hard and get better as a football player.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:06 pm

Manziel said he never missed a game after a question on if he can handle the punishment in the NFL.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:06 pm

Manziel: I know I need to put in an immense amount of time to be as good as I want to be.

Darcie Loreno May 9, 20142:05 pm

Manziel: It means a lot to me, seeing how fans are buying jerseys. I am excited to be here.