City Worker Finds Dog Trapped in Closet of Vacant Home

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LORAIN, Ohio — Police are investigating after a dog was found locked in the closet of an abandoned home this week.

According to Lorain police, officers were called to a home on Industrial Street just before 2 p.m. Wednesday.

A city employee told officers he was at the house to secure the water lines and water department equipment because the house was slated for demolition.

He said he heard barking and growling coming from the closet. He punched a hole in the door and looked in the closet, and saw the dog cowering inside.

Police were able to safely remove the dog. They said the closet was very small and hot and had no ventilation or light. There was no food or water present, either.

It’s not clear if the dog was stolen and hidden in the closet or was a stray, according to police. It was taken to the Lorain Animal Clinic.

Whoever left the dog faces charges of cruelty to animals.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call Lorain police.