Search For Snowball: Couple Says Dog Was Stolen

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LORAIN, Ohio-- Police are investigating after a pet owner says someone stole her beloved dog right before her very eyes.

Fanecia Jackson and her fiance, Delucas Lucas, consider their two Bichon Frise pups part of the family.

But Saturday, that family was ripped apart.

Jackson told Fox 8 reporter Autumn Ziemba that she was cooking late Saturday night when she let her two-year-old Bichon, "Snowball," outside in the front yard of her Leavitt Road home to go to the bathroom.

When she returned a few minutes later to check on her pup, she was stunned by what she saw.

"The man was in my yard. Picked (Snowball) up," Jackson told Fox 8, "continued to walk, looked back really quick and moved faster."

Jackson said in that moment, she froze, out of disbelief and fear. She said she didn't chase after the man because she was afraid he would try to attack her.

Instead, Jackson called Lorain Police, who searched for the suspect to no avail.

Days later, the frightening reality is sinking in.

"My worst fear is that (Snowball is) gonna be used to be beat on, or used as (bait) to fight some other dog," Jackson said.

Now she wants nothing more than for her family to be reunited.

"I'm very worried. And I stay up, as if it's my child. I don't get rest. And I won't get rest until Snowball is found," she said. "I would have more peace if I knew exactly what happened or where he's at, but I don't."

Snowball is a two-year-old, possibly purebred Bichon.

Jackson and her fiance are trying to put together a reward fund for their dog's safe return.


  • Hotrod

    Take a look in the apartments over the tracks, that would be the first place i would look. Ask the kids in that area, they no everything that happens around there.

  • concerned

    First of all this comment is for the individual that calls themself THE ONE maybe u should keep your negative comment to yourself obviously you must have some animosity against fanecia deeper then the issue at handso …with that being said..close your mouth..attention one one get on the news for attention..when you are already beautiful such as her she needs no attention..but if u want to make yourself usefully there’s flyers that need to be put out…for snowball on his return..

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