Close Call: Canopy Collapses at Gas Station

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SUFFIELD TOWNSHIP-It was a close call at a gas station in Suffield Township, Portage County.

A canopy at the Marathon gas station and Suffield Carry-Out collapsed, moments after a customer filled up.

"We were inside working like usual and then we heard a loud thud, as if a car had backed into something," said Kristen Keller, an employee.

Amazingly, no one was hurt Saturday afternoon after an aluminum canopy came flying down.

Keller was working inside at the time and says the wind is to blame.

"We came outside and it was toppled over, there were poles sticking out," added Keller.

Keller says the canopy barely missed a truck.

"There was a huge truck full of sheep filling up. Luckily, he moved it, right before it happened," said Keller.

The Marathon is a busy gas station on State Route 43 for hundreds of drivers every day.

"It's crazy. I think we lost a little business just because of the gas pumps being gone," added Keeler.

The station says they are going to clean up the canopy early this week.

They plan to have a new canopy in the next couple weeks.