WATCH: Swimmer Says Dolphins Protected Him From Shark

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(Photo Credit: YouTube)

A swimmer trying to help dolphins was rescued himself by an entire pod of them during an eight-hour swim in New Zealand.

According to Yahoo! News, Adam Walker was attempting a 16-mile swim, partly to raise money for Stop Whaling, which funds whale and dolphin conservation.

At one point, he looked below and spotted a great white shark.

Luckily, a pod of dolphins swam up to him at the exact same time. They surrounded him, swimming at his side for nearly an hour until the shark left, according to Yahoo News.

In a Facebook post, he wrote the following:

“Yesterday I swam the 6th of the ‘oceans seven’ swims ‘Cook Strait’ in 8 hours 36 mins. But that doesn’t tell the whole story rolling waves, big currents but more important than that a dream come true swimming with dolphins over an hour!! I’d like to think they were protecting me and guiding me home!!! This swim will stay with me forever Check out the pics!!!! It makes it even more apt that all my swims have been for the charity ‘ whales & dolphin conservation’ Feel blown away please feel free to share.”

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