KSU Shooting Happened During Fight, Suspect Identified

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KENT, Ohio – Authorities released new information during a press conference this morning after a shot was fired into the ground at Kent State University Wednesday night.

The incident outside of Bowman Hall (an academic building) put the campus on lockdown from shortly after 8 p.m. until just before 11 p.m.

Students received a text about the lockdown and were also alerted once the lockdown was lifted.

A suspect was arrested just before midnight in Portage County. That suspect has been identified as Quavaugntay L. Tyler, 24, who is a freshman at Kent State University.

According to officials, Tyler was reportedly involved in an altercation with two female students near Bowman Hall at the time of the incident. He was dating both females, according to officials.

Tyler pulled a weapon out of his waistband, and it immediately discharged, hitting his left hand. The women fled, and witnesses alerted police to Tyler's whereabouts.

He was arrested in the campus business administration building on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

Officials said Tyler was on probation at the time of the incident, so he could also face federal charges.

Tyler is also the suspect in a rash of thefts in the area, according to officials.

He is set to be arraigned on Friday.

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For more details released during today's press conference, see the blog below:

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:04 am

KSU official: Everyone responded quickly and did their jobs well last night

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:05 am

KSU official: This is indeed one of the safest campuses in Ohio — we have a stellar record of safety.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:06 am

KSU: Staff and students are back today

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:07 am

Campus chief of police: At 8:30 p.m., police received reports of a gunshot near Bowman Hall. During the end of an argument with two females, the suspect reportedly pulled out a weapon, and it discharged.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:08 am

Campus chief of police: The two women fled in a vehicle, and a witness said the suspect was headed toward Bowman Hall. An emergency alert was sent to the community at that point.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:09 am

Campus chief of police: The lockdown then commenced, and additional officers were called in to assist in searching the buildings and maintaining a perimeter.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:09 am

Campus chief of police: A witness said they saw the suspect walk into the building administration building — officials entered the building, and went floor by floor to look for the suspect.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:10 am

Campus chief of police: Much of the training the university has conducted over the years, was followed by staff and students.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:11 am

Campus chief of police: Thanks to the training everyone received, it really reduced mayhem, confusion and chaos, so the search could be conducted in an orderly manner.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:12 am

Campus chief of police: One of the women involved in the incidents called police — and officials were able to determine the suspect was no longer on campus … and was probably wounded. There was a significant amount of blood at the shooting scene.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:13 am

Campus chief of police: A person matching the suspect’s description then went to Robinson Memorial Hospital for treatment. The suspect was then arrested and positively identified.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:13 am

Campus chief of police: The weapon was found. The only one injured was the shooter himself.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:14 am

Suspect is: Quavaugntay L. Tyler, 24, who is charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Tyler is a freshman at KSU.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:16 am

Today, support and counseling for students and staff is being made available on campus.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:18 am

KSU officials: The suspect gave the bloody gun and ammunition to another student and asked her to hide it for him.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:19 am

KSU officials: Tyler had currently been on probation. Since he’s in violation with his probation with a weapons offense, he could face federal charges. Locally, he’s been a subject of interest in a rash of thefts on campus.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:20 am

KSU officials: The incident stemmed from a domestic with two women he was dating. He was armed with a 9 mm.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:26 am

KSU police chief: This incident was truly humbling and gratifying because all the training we’ve been doing…all came together in a seamless way so it almost seemed staged. We’ve been training for four years or longer on this.

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:29 am

KSU officials: Not able to determine his motive. The suspect was cooperative and was remorseful “to a degree.”

Darcie Loreno April 3, 201411:31 am

Press conference concludes