Teen Wins $70K After School Takes Facebook Password

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(Courtesy: Ariana McLaughlin/CNN)

A teenage girl who was forced to give her Facebook password to her school district has been given $70,000 in damages, according to Daily Mail.

Riley Stratton, who is now 15, was in sixth grade when it happened. She had posted to Facebook that she hated a school employee because she was mean, according to Daily Mail.

The school then forced her to give them her password so they could check her Facebook messages, according to Daily Mail. She was also given an in-school suspension.

Stratton filed a lawsuit claiming the district violated her constitutional rights.

She was just awarded $70,000 in damages. The district also agreed to rewrite its policies.

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  • Sierra Hodges

    Just because one is not yet an adult, does not mean one does not have constitutional rights. If it had included a threat, it should have been handed over to the authorities. Otherwise, she has a right to her opinion and to her privacy.

  • Kevin B.

    The school employees who participated in this violation should be made to pay this $70,000 from their personal bank accounts, i bet the district will pay and that is just making the taxpayers pay, and they are not guilty of any wrongdoing. People need to be held accountable not some entity.

  • Joecephus

    While I believe that 70K in “damages” is pretty excessive and probably a case of judicial over-reach, the 4th amendment applies to all American’s, irregardless of age.

    The school district was out of line.

    Parent’s teach your children the Constitution, because the schools obviously are not.

    • JDN

      I am in school and mine tries to make sure all the students know the US and Ohio Constitutions. and know them well too. but the district here got what they deserve, even though $70,000 was a bit too much

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