T.J. Lane’s Sentence Argued in Court

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GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio — Oral arguments took place Wednesday at an appeals hearing for T.J. Lane that could send the case back to juvenile court.

Lane pleaded guilty to the murders of three Chardon High School students and the wounding of three others.

He was 17 when he carried a gun into Chardon High School in February 2012, opening fire and killing Demetrius Hewlin, 16, Russell King Jr., 17, and Daniel Parmertor, 16.

Their families were at the hearing.  Lane was not.

Lane pleaded guilty in February 2013 and was given three life sentences without the possibility of parole.

The defense argued the judge did not specifically consider Lane's age when he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

The prosecution said the judge referenced and reviewed Lane's age and maturity thoroughly throughout the trial.

It could take two weeks to six months for a ruling following Wednesday's hearing.

Lane is currently serving his time at the Allen Correctional Institution in Lima, Ohio.

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  • Kate

    If you can carry a gun into a school and take someone’s life than you can rot in prison for a life time. What a joke his lawyers should be ashamed of themselves!

  • King Kong

    Today’s children need to know that there will be dire consequences for mindless instantaneous actions that effect other people’s lives forever.

    • Sun King

      Exactly! He should receive exactly what he gave those he hurt, and the sentence should be carried out swiftly and publicly.

    • not a tea bag

      People who are against lawyers defending criminals are the kind of people that just aren’t capable of seeing the big picture with anything. I’m sad for you because you obviously need to over simplify things to understand the world.

      • Courtney

        You are right, even criminals need lawyers to defend them, but this criminal needs to rot in prison or receive the death penalty. The judgement needs to be accepted and not argued.

      • chris

        I see the big picture clearly. When a crime this obvious and evil is being defended, the person defending is part of the problem. I feel sorry for you because you don’t have the mental capacity to tell the difference between pure evil and what would be accepted by society as normal criminal activity.

      • not a tea bag

        So who decides when a suspect is pure evil and bypassing the Constitution is the right thing to do? The judge? The prosecutor? The police? A CNN poll? You?

        If you could see the big picture then you would realize how moronic it is to say what you just said.

      • chris

        Reading comprehension is not one of Tea bags strong points is it? I said “obvious”. Society as a whole has minimum standards of conduct. This animal is so far below that standard that it shouldn’t even come under question. I’m amazed that you, or anyone, are defending him. Makes me wonder what you do when you think no ones looking…..

      • not a tea bag

        HAHAHAH you base your argument on the word obvious? Tell me how you would write “obvious” into law.

        I don’t support TJ Lane. Just because I support the law and the
        Constitution doesn’t mean I am vouching for his release. You are so stupid it makes me sick.

        It’s obvious to me you are an idiot, so according to your own logic, it’s a fact that you are an idiot.

      • chris

        Typical bleeding heart libtard response. Go on a personal attack when you are incapable of making a point.You keep referencing the constitution. He had a fair trial in accordance with the law. Now he’s Bubbas boyfriend and wants a do over, one that you, and only you are supporting. I’m starting to wonder if you are his lawyer, being that is the only person on his side. In your support do you also masturbate in the name of the dead children he so proudly confessed to murdering?

      • doggercise

        The Constitution does not define the various appeals processes, or the standards of procedure in trevailing each appeals process.

    • Sun King

      The only real surprise is that Stephen Bradley isn’t defending him. Usually he is front and center to defend the worst of the worst, whatever will get his face in front of the cameras regardless of who has been victimized.

    • not a tea bag

      After I sobered up a little, I see how stupid and offensive I am and my Mom says I have to apologize. I’m going back to the basement now to watch T.J. Lane videos and touch my naughty place.

  • Allison

    Is this for real??? After this sick F***** sat in court with “killer” written on his shirt and his smug face….I wouldn’t waste taxpayers dollars or time

  • mary

    My nephew was in that school protecting his class mates for 3hrs. We don’t need this trash out on the streets ever he will never be of any benefit too bad he couldn’t get the death penalty .

  • Enough

    Yes and recent supreme court rulings state you cannot even give a juvenile a life sentence either thats why they are arguing that the judge went against the supreme court ruling.

    Its sad but thats what the supreme court said he should never get out but most likely will.

    So just be prepared that it is possible.

    • Michelle

      That is True, but he got sentenced before that ruling came down. He deserveses to spend his days in prison, his victims didn’t get a second chance.

  • Deborah

    A juvenile that did an adult crime. So he isn’t the first either. Do the crime-do the time. If he get’s out and I prey that he doesn’t he is a dead man walking.

  • ts

    That kid walked into the school that day with the INTENTION of killing. What more do you need? It’s called Capital Murder. He is sane and accountable for what he did. Too bad he is young….what a waste. But what a waste of the lives he took. He should be put out of his misery.

  • Cheri

    This monster did not “specifically consider the ages” of his victims either but that didn’t stop him from killing them in cold blood did it? The fact that he showed such disrespect to the families at his sentencing says why he deserves to rot in prison and he’s lucky juvies can’t get the death penalty.

  • jack

    If his attorney doesn’t want him to have life in prison, the court should change his sentence to 99 years for each murder and 50 years for each victim he woumded, and each sentence must be served Consecutively. He knew what he was doing. Put him in one of the maximum security prisions for Ohio murderers and see how long that smug smile on his face lasts then. May he rot or die soon in prison.

  • Cassie

    “Yes and recent supreme court rulings state you cannot even give a juvenile a life sentence either thats why they are arguing that the judge went against the supreme court ruling.”

    Wrong. The Supreme Court ruled out MANDATORY life sentencing for juveniles. If the crime and the circumstances around it warrant a LWP, then the sentence came be applied and in this case it fits. Lane is a psychopath which was evident in his behaviors after the shooting and during the trial. The world is a safer place with him behind bars FOREVER!

  • Me the Man

    Where is that hand that pulled the trigger that TJ so proudly announced that he now masturbates with. No need for self gratification in the big-house. Keep a good hand on your soap and hope Bubba and friends have a good time with him. What a piece of work!!!!!!!

  • Eric

    That asshat should have been fried for what he did. A second trial? How about we leave him in the hands of the families he hurt, he’d be wishing for the death penalty when they were finished with his sorry #%^

    • endbullying

      seems like its going to be hard for them to find peace considering they are suing everyone on the planet.

  • farmer

    Why should his “age” be considered when sentencing him? He did not consider the “age” of the 3 kids he murdered in cold blood, nor the ones he inflicted injury upon. He deserves to ROT in prison like the scumbag he is. I think he wants out early because he’s tired of getting it up the butt from his roomies. May you drop your soap many times Lane !!!!

  • Ed

    T J Lanes butt is getting soar and Bubba is making him cry.Guess he’s not the big guy he thought he was in the court room flipping people off. Good place for him.He should get parole when he serves his 2 life sentences A–H—.

  • Debbie

    You guys are kidding yourselves if you think he’s in with Bubba. I’m sure that wherever he is, they are protecting him. Don’t they always do that with these sorts of situations? I hope not, I hope Bubba made him his biotch, but I bet he’s isolated.

    Same thing happened with idiot Castro. Wasn’t he in isolation so no one would hurt him? I say send them in general population. They deserve no better. I’m glad at least one of these dirtbags are gone from this earth!

  • Fox8 Moderator

    Folks, may I suggest you hold your comments from this point on.Rumor has it that Lane is now “Elaine”. Big black bubba got him.

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