Officials Say Superintendent Spent School Money on Trip

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richmond heights school officialsRICHMOND HEIGHTS, Ohio — More charges have been filed against two top officials in the Richmond Heights Local School District.

According to the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, a grand jury has re-indicted Superintendent Dr. Robert J. Moore along with Richard Muse, director of buildings and grounds.

On March 3, both officials were charged with one count each of extortion, bribery, theft in office and soliciting or receiving improper compensation. The charges involved their demand for cash payments from a daycare operator who rents space in one of the district’s school buildings.

Criminal charges against Moore now include two additional counts of tampering with records.

Both involve expense reimbursement forms Moore submitted to the school district for non-business related expenses on a trip that he and Muse took to Columbus in January, according to the prosecutor’s office.

The re-indictment also amends the original theft in office count to include Moore’s use of school district funds to pay for Muse’s expenses on the trip.

Muse has been charged with an additional three counts each of tampering with records and forgery.

The state of Ohio charges that Muse submitted fraudulent information in his job application to Moore and that the application included job training certificates that had been forged by Muse.

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  • george johnston

    This is why you should vote NO on tax levies. The tax burden goes up and up and the kids don’t get smarter. Tax payers, demand a fair return for your dollar. This levy money doesn’t go into the classroom. It goes into the pockets of the greedy union employees and administrators. Not another dime till we see results.

    • .

      I agree. The tax money lines the pockets of the higher ups. It does not get to the the classrooms or teachers.

      • ANGELA

        I vote NO for the school levies and have for several years. It is time people stay with in their budget. New schools does not guarantee smarter students. I don’t get a new house because my roof leaks. I agree with you George.

      • Sharon Lange

        My former high school (class 1994 RHHS). Please remind people not to take this arrest out on the school levy. I hope the men are found innocent, and if guilty, these men should pay a lot of money to the school… I helped raise money for the RH school when I was in high school… Sharon Lange

  • jason

    I’m sure there are many more folks in these types of positions using and abusing the system. These two just got caught. Hmmm…who else sees a future school levy in the future?

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