Prosecutor: Doug Prade Should be Returned to Prison

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Douglas Prade in court on 8/1/13

AKRON, Ohio — Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh announced Wednesday that her office has filed a response to the Ohio Supreme Court’s temporary stay in the Doug Prade case.

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Prade spent 14 years behind bars after he was convicted in the 1997 shooting death of his wife, Dr. Margo Prade, outside her Akron medical office. Then last year, the former Akron police captain was released after being declared not guilty in the case.

Last week, the 9th District Court of Appeals issued a ruling saying his release was a mistake, and he was taken back into custody. Prade filed an appeal, and hours later, the Supreme Court issued a stay of execution.

In her statement released Wednesday, Walsh said:

“According to the Ninth District Court of Appeals, which overturned Judge Judy Hunter’s ruling exonerating Doug Prade, Prade is a convicted murderer,” said Prosecutor Walsh. “As such, he should be returned to prison to finish serving the remainder of his life sentence.”

The Supreme Court has not said whether it will hear Prade’s appeal.

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