Broadcasting Legend Says Goodbye After 40 Years

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CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Cleveland broadcasting legend is about to say goodbye to his audience after more than four decades behind the microphone.

WMJI's John Lanigan will broadcast his final show on March 31.

Fox 8's Stefani Schaefer sat down with Lanigan for a look back on his magic-filled career in Cleveland.

Watch that interview in the video player above.

WEB EXTRA: We asked Lanigan about his favorite memories. Hear his response in the video player below.


  • Judy

    Thank you for the wonderful memories! Great laughs in the morning helped get each day started with a smile. You are a treasure to Cleveland and you will truly be missed.

  • Peggy rice

    I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed listening to you.
    I feel like you are a friend. I hope you and your wife & furry pal enjoy a long hhealthy retirement. Thank you for your
    40/51 years John!

  • Karentheis

    I always enjoyed listening to you in the morning ! It will be strange not hearing your voice ! Thanks for many years of laughter enjoy retirement ! You deserve it ! Cleveland loves you !

  • ts

    Thank you John for the years of hanging out with us, on assembly lines, dr’s offices, kitchens, the beach, the car radio, and all the places we could take you. Enjoy your life and family and have no regrets. Well done. :)

  • Irene

    John, It seems like I have listened to you forever in the morning. You always made my day better. God bless you. Enjoy your retirement.

  • Gregg

    Lanigan is a jerk. I once heard him say that he doesn’t know why Christians are so obsessed with getting to Heaven. That Heaven is probably very boring. That God probably has BO and bad breath. But at least he acknowledged God. I always thought Lanigan thought that he was God. I could write at least 3 more negative topics, but I know I have limited space. He’s nothing more than a poor man’s Howard Stern. Good riddance.
    PS: It’s supposed to go to 62 Monday. Please don’t run me off the road while I’m riding my bike, John.

  • Tracey

    For 1 to the negative people u just don’t know what you were missing.And John hope you enjoy your retirement going to miss you and your bickering between Jimmy loved every minute of it.My mom got me listening to u guys 25 years ago and now my kids love you.Thanks for the memories.

  • Brian Fowler

    I got to sit down and talk to legendary Cleveland morning radio show host John Lanigan just days prior of his retirement. I grew up listening to John as a kid in Cleveland. It’s been an honor to be a broadcast brother with him at Clear Channel all these years. He’s a great guy, and I wish him all the best in his retirement!! Thanks John! Brian at 99.5 WGAR

    Watch interview at

  • tammy hirsch

    Mr.Lanigan good luck and god bless you on your retirement.Im sure my late father the GREAT SWAMI is also wishing you the best from the radio station in the sky .he spoke of you often,he made a good show from time to time.All good things must comes to an end.Take care.

  • pat

    Are you going to be taking that spiffy crushed red velvet tux and black bowtie that you used to wear when you hosted the Prize Movie on chanell 61? Ahh, those were the days. LOL!

  • ron

    sorry do not miss him stopped listening to him. If his mother was a hooker and had the money he would run her ad. All he did was whine and cry. He figured he should not get a ticket and bad mouthed the cops. sorry glad to see him gone

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