Making a Splash! Location of Aquarium & Water Park Revealed

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MASSILLON, Ohio-- It’s the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere: a water park and aquarium in one, and it’s being built in Massillon.

“I can't tell you how many families are going to love and enjoy this project,” said Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry.

She talked about the unique project at a meeting on Tuesday. She said it’s not only going to offer entertainment, but help create jobs.

The attraction, which doesn't yet have a name, will be built at the Legends of Massillon, a golf course owned by the city. Since it will take up space there, the course will go from 27 holes to 18.

As far as features go, the aquarium will house all kinds of wildlife, including rescued marine mammals that could not be returned to their original habitats.

On the water park side, there will be rides for all ages.

There will be lots of plants too. Senior partner Rex Ferguson said they’re going for a Florida-scape theme.

“We'll introduce some neat intellectual property that will be educational and help with our overarching message of conservation,” he said.

In addition to educational programs, there will also be an opportunity to sign up for therapy with marine mammals.

The project isn’t a done deal just yet, city council will have to give the okay first. If they do, everything should be up and running in less than a year.

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    • Aaron

      Well that’s the point! Massillon has no revenue coming into the city therefore no tax dollars are coming in, which is why roads can’t be fixed or psyched as soon as we would like. A place like this will help tremendously with that.

  • Chud Baby

    Should of gone to IL or IA, those states have more to offer this type of attraction, poor decision.

    • Aaron

      What more would IL or IA have to offer except nothing but open land….. Those stayed are more empty than Ohio!

    • Crystal

      I really hate when people have nothing more to add to a conversation except attacking a word misplaced in a sentence. I don’t even agree with her comment but at least it was her comment and not one that’s been said many times over.

  • Jasmine

    Absolutely amazing!!! No matter where it is in the stark county area it is a blessing to know there will finally be a family friendly attraction for families, I’ve always wanted to take my children to an aquarium and as well a water park but sadly an unable to travel that far this is perfect but I am curious as to rooming for tourists since I’m unaware of any form of hotels in that General vicinity… hopefully that will be addressed as well

    • annie

      Sandusky already has plenty of waterparks and would be competition for one and for two lets put in area where people need it the most like Massillon since nothing around here much for kids to do….that is the point of waterpark after all isn’t it???Massillon was perfect place for this attraction thank you very much.. now don’t have to drive kids all the way to Uhrichsville to go to their waterpark no more. As far as hotels like one asked about their is quite a few about 15 minutes away in north canton, oh…..potholes um well they are everywhere people as long as you have snow and ice you are going to have potholes…

  • Rob

    I think you are all missing the point. Its just like when a new shopping center is built, there must be an “anchor” store like a wal-mart or a grocery store. After those arrive, the supporting stores fill in the plaza. Sandusky used to be a struggling city before Cedar Point really spent money in the late 80’s to emerge as a premier park. This is a great opportunity to revive the Massilon area, and provide employment.

  • Jim

    Amazing … you people are as dumb as a box of rocks for putting this down…. This is a great idea it will bring money in to stark County Jobs to the area … Let see the spin off will be hotels ,gas stations,food locations, all make money there for they can hire more people ….Dont do what the people of Youngstown did ..and turn down anything that they wanted to build there…. now there is nothing there and people are moving out and crime is going up because of lost tax rev, …

  • Gary Michalosky (@garymic)

    Rehashing the days of the “Coliseum” in the City of Richfield again.

    No doubt history will once again repeat itself with poor planning and vision by putting a multimillion dollar project so remotely outside a major metropolitan area that no one will go there!!

  • Michelle Kissell

    I’m curious to know if this place will have a hotel with it too? If people will come from out of town to visit, they may want to spend more than one day there. Just wondering.

  • Sarah Knapp

    i think its a great idea. we need something around here where its not a huge drive to take the kids somewhere they would enjoy it. stop being negative people and look at the bright side of things. i personally cant wait to see it built and take my kids there.

  • Theresa Fox

    This is an amazing opportunity for this area! Why all the negativity? I am seeing an opportunity to boost the economy…jobs! The hotels in Massillon and Canton will be busy, not to mention restaurants, small business’s, etc. This is absolutely a good thing. :)

  • Maddie

    Let’s hope it will actually happen. A lot of these “unique projects” end up being ideas only & nothing is ever done. It would be nice to bring some more revenue to the area & help boost the economy in this area. A lot of people can’t afford to travel, granted it is only Cleveland or Sandusky. It would be neat to have something in our own back yard.

  • Annette Skelly

    There is the hampton Inn in downtown massillon that people from out of town can stay at which would also help the city. I just hope that city council doesn’t mess this up and stop this from becoming a reality for the city. Massillon needs this.

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