Stow Police Search For Suspect in Woman’s Murder

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STOW, Ohio- The Stow Police Department is investigating the murder of a 21-year-old woman, whose body was found inside a shed.

Stow Police said the victim's mother called police Saturday around 5:30 p.m. to do a welfare check on her daughter who lived on Maplepark Road.

The mother said she had not heard from her daughter for two days and was concerned for her well-being.

According to police, when an officer arrived to the home, he knocked on the front door, but didn't get a response. He then went to the back of the residence and saw the victim's body under a blanket.

The officer could not find a pulse and notified a supervisor. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation was notified as well as Stow EMS and the Summit County Medical Examiner's Office.

An autopsy is expected to take place on Monday.

If anyone has any information regarding this homicide they are asked to call the lead investigator, Det. Sgt. Steve Dunton at 330-689-5707.


  • Sun King

    How are you supposed to know if you have helpful information if the names and exact location of those involved is withheld? Somebody may be able to help if they knew they had contact with the victim or suspect(s) in the area around the time this took place. Obviously next of kin is already aware of the poor girl’s death.

    • Mary Caruso

      Sorry, James; I have had a bit of contact with Stow PD, and found them to be professional and effective. If you have tips about the neighborhood, call them in. I could understand if you complain that they are understaffed by national standards, but to call them worthless is quite a leap, and quite rude.

  • Mary Caruso

    “Found under a blanket, outside in a shed” sounds likely she was placed there, rather than she chose to sleep outside. This particular area of Stow is known for a lot of drug dealing.

    • james

      Mary you even say its know for drug dealing… Yet there are no cops here??? Why not.. Its very easy to see… Cars going and coming all the time… Had the cops got off their lazy arses this area would be clean and this girl prob wouldn’t be dead… Instead they worry about tickets…

  • Stowbilly

    I’ve lived in Stow a majority of my life and can absolutely confirm that Stow PD is worthless. They are all a bunch of dickheads who are more worries about dumb shit then focusing on actual crime.

  • DeAnn smith

    I work with this Girl i just pray they catch the person who did this she was just a baby…..but who ever did this will have to answer to god

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