Homeless Man Given ‘Winning’ Lottery Ticket

(Courtesy: MagicofRahat on YouTube)

(Courtesy: MagicofRahat on YouTube)

When a man saw a homeless person hanging around his local shopping center, he decided he wanted to help.

But instead of just handing over a small donation, he took his kindness to another level.

In the YouTube video, the Good Samaritan tells the homeless man he doesn’t have cash, but he does have a winning lottery ticket.

He claims he isn’t sure how it was worth, but offered to take the other man to the store to claim the winnings.

When the men got to the store, the clerk told them it was a $1,000 winner and counted out the bills.

The lottery ticket wasn’t real, but the Good Samaritan worked it out with the clerk to make it seem legitimate was so the homeless man could “win.”

Overwhelmed, the homeless man wanted to split the money with the ticket’s original owner, saying, “I want to share it my friend,” but the Good Samaritan declined.

The video ends with a heartfelt embrace.

The Good Samaritan is known for his “drive thru pranks” on YouTube.

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