Woman’s Stomach Pains Turn Out to be Baby

INDIANA--A woman was rushed to the hospital with stomach pains; but it wasn't a medical problem-- she was pregnant!

According to WRTV, Mandy Batchelor gave birth to a son just hours after getting to the hospital.

Mandy said she didn't even know she was pregnant. She said she never had any signs, except a little weight gain which she said was her usual winter weight gain.

They had to scramble to come up with a name for the 7-lb baby boy. "General Lee is my Mom's grandpa and then Jacob was my dad's grandpa. So both my great grandpas. I just put them together. Plus I have a general lee car, so it just all worked out," the baby's father said.

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  • Barbara

    U have no right calling her that there are actually quite a few cases like this that happen every year stuff like this happens so how is she stupid

    • LKD

      LOL, oh dear Sue you are always there for a quick dimwitted response. You don’t lactate till after you give birth. Until your water breaks, nothing leaks while you are pregnant.

      • Capri

        That is incorrect; I lactated during pregnancy, it didnt start til I was 7/8 months. And to further educate you just because I found this so information, a woman can lactate without having to be pregnant, all she has to do is start pumping her breasts and after a few attempts the body will begin producing milk.

  • Nyketi

    Some of y’all are so ignorant yu can go a whole 9mo pregnant with a period & your breast doesn’t always leak I went 9mo pregnant without my breast leaking they didn’t leak til after I had my baby everybody is different and there are different pregnancies also

  • LilT

    If you are going to take the time to leave a comment about one another’s ignorance…could you also please take the time to use proper grammar, punctuation and for the love of all that is holy…check your spelling!!

  • Jami Haz

    Not knowing one is pregnant does baffle me but that’s besides the point. Not sure how one might not feel the kicking and movement but never less a beautiful baby was born. Congratulations to the family!

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