Extra Snow Days: Calamity Day Plan Coming Up for Vote


What’s the plan when school districts run out of calamity days? Many of them already have.

Legislation that’s already passed the Ohio House Education Committee will provide Ohio schools four extra calamity days to get through the year.

Typically, Ohio schools get five calamity days and five contingency days; three of those days can be used as ‘Blizzard Bag Days‘– where kids can do projects from home.

Many districts have already used more than seven days; so the governor is supporting the plan to add four more days in this situation.

The Ohio School Board Association is in favor of the plan because it helps financially-strapped districts that can’t afford the added expense of extra days in the summer.

The House will vote on the calamity-day plan on Feb. 12; then it goes to the Senate.

Gov. Kasich could approve it by the end of February.

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