Police: Driver Used Delivery Sign to Avoid Being Busted

EASTLAKE, Ohio– Police said an off-duty pizza delivery driver was pretending to be on the job to trick police, but it didn’t work.

“He puts the rooftop sign on his car when he goes out drinking so he doesn’t get caught,” said Det. Lt. Robert Gonzalez of the Eastlake Police Department.

Police said at 10:20, Monday night, 29-year-old Michael Christian of Wickliffe was seen by another driver weaving around on Lakeland Boulevard in Eastlake, so the driver called police.

Lt. Gonzalez said when police pulled over Christian, they smelled alcohol and then tried to administer a field sobriety test, but police said Christian was unable to finish the test so they arrested him.

driver“They noticed the pizza delivery sign on top of the roof of the vehicle and he actually admitted to them later, that no, he wasn’t working; he just used it to try and make sure nobody pulled him over,” Gonzalez.

Police said Christian almost got away with his plan to fool them.

“If you were to come up behind him, he’s weaving a little bit you could assume that he was looking for an address to deliver a pizza to, and wouldn’t give it a second thought; but his driving was so erratic that actually another motorist saw it and felt that it was hazardous, that they called us that this is occurring on the roadway.” said Det. Lt. Gonzalez.

The Eastlake police said when they pulled over Christian he had a blood alcohol level of .295; that’s three and a half times the legal limit.

Christian is expected in court next week.