Cedar Point Makeover: New Rides, Food, General Manager

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SANDUSKY, Ohio -- Cedar Point is getting a makeover.

The amusement park in Sandusky has a new vice president and general manager, new cuisine and more rides.

"There is no better job than when your job description is make sure people have fun," said Jason McClure, 43, the park's new general manager.

McClure replaces John Hildebrandt who retired following the 2013 season.

McClure spent the last 12 years with Cedar Fairs including stops at Carowinds in Charlotte, North Carolina; Kings Island in Mason, Ohio; and most recently at Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

"Each park is unique, but we're all about having fun so it's nice to bring some of the things I've learned at the other parks and places I've been to Cedar Point," he said.

In addition to getting a new GM, Cedar Point will also be getting two new rides this year.

One of them is the Lake Erie Eagles. The other is Pipe Scream. Both will be ready for opening day.

"Pipe Scream takes the best components of a roller coaster and a flat ride and puts them together. It's over a 300-foot long track, it gets up to 43 feet in the air, over 40 miles per hour," said McClure.

"Lake Erie Eagles will be on the other side of the Gemini, and it's a classic ride. The great part about it you can customize your ride, you can control how high you go, how quick your transition is," said McClure.

In addition to the new rides, McClure is bringing a slice of Philadelphia with him to Sandusky by opening a Chickie's and Pete's restaurant.

"It's a Philadelphia-based sports bar with their crab fries which are really popular on the East Coast and we're kind of excited to introduce them here in Ohio," McClure said.

That's not all: guests will notice other little surprises around the park including some tweaks to Luminosity, the late-night light show.

Cedar Point has been voted the Best Amusement Park in the World for 16 straight years, and McClure wants to make it 17 this year.

"This simple part is you just want to make sure people have fun," he said.

With Halloween falling on a Friday this year, Cedar Point will remain open with Halloweekends into November.

This is just the second time that Cedar Point has been open that late into the year.


  • Dale

    The ride from the past that should be brought back to Cedar Point is the old Flying Turns which was a feature at old Euclid Beach Park. It was a great ride and worthy of a return.

  • Mutter Ich-bin

    The problem with “new rides” — there are always casualties… they keep taking out the rides and attractions that patrons utilized that didn’t like the large coasters…. so … which ones are being sacrificed now?

    I enjoyed the “old” Cedar Point — theater, wild cat, white water landing, bumper boats, demon drop, Mill Race, Space Spiral, Tiki Twirl, Chaos, as well as the “arcade” where the games were — Fascination was always my favorite. BRING FASCINATION BACK!!

  • Jamie

    Get rid of the “fast passes” and you will be the best park! but until that happens you have lost my family and I.

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