Police: 15-Year-Old Arrested in Teen Shooting

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CLEVELAND– Police said a 15-year-old boy was arrested Tuesday morning, accused of shooting another 15-year-old boy in the mouth.

Cleveland police said just before 11 a.m., they received a call for a male shot at E. 124th. They found the teen shooting victim at the scene.

He was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center.

Officers said after investigating at the scene, they arrested the boy and took him to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center.


  • Michelle Johnson

    My child just got shot in the mouth by a 17yrold and they gave him assault. Only cause he plead guilty as a mother I’m out rage how the juvenile system keep slapping these kids on the risk. I hope he recovers well like my child did. And its only been two months and a week. Prayers for this boy I will send.

  • Deborah

    That is the problem Michelle. They go to “juvi” hall and it’s like a vacation to them. Give him a trial as adult and see what happens? Take as a example the Chardon shooter. Look what kind of sentence he got for an adult crime. Life!! Maybe that is what that”boy” should get.

  • Patt vick

    ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! Where are these CHILDREN getting these guns? Mothers need to step up and do their jobs at home and start paying attention to their kids. They are to mean more to you then an increase in Welfare money.

  • Karen Robinson

    Those little thugs run around unattended while their Mommys are either high or on her back, and Daddy is in jail or dead. The guns like most things they have are stolen or traded for drugs. The parents have no more education in child rearing than the man in the moon. Just children having children.

  • John Smith

    And we continue to appease, placate and cajole this perverted BLACK subculture with its disgusting, insidious and despicable lifestyle …… all in the sick name of diversity!

  • Ivory

    So sad that you had to say Black subculture when you don’t even know the persons race. And sometimes it don’t matter how hard you try to give your child a good life they still do what they think is right.

      • BossMan

        We give this black subculture so many breaks on a given day, yet all we get in return are murders, robberies, and rapes, and without any remorse whatsoever. The pain and suffering that’s left behind, sadly, can never be erased.

  • Rick

    White people don’t live in that neighborhood. They own the houses and collect the Section 8 checks but that’s about it

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