Ashtabula Shooting Victims Identified

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(Three people were shot during a home invasion in Ashtabula on Jan. 27, 2014)

(Three people were shot during a home invasion in Ashtabula on Jan. 27, 2014)

(Three people were shot during a home invasion in Ashtabula on Jan. 27, 2014)

ASHTABULA, Ohio – A mother and son have now died following a home invasion in Ashtabula, and a third shooting victim is in the hospital.

The Ashtabula County Coroner’s Office released the name of Alexis Mook Colon, 20, and said he was shot multiple times.

An autopsy was scheduled to be done Tuesday.

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office told Fox 8 News Lydia Colon, 43, was the other victim.

Her autopsy is pending.

Lydia Colon’s case is being handled in Cuyahoga County because she died at MetroHealth Medical Center.

The third victim was said to be in stable condition.

The shooting happened before 2 p.m. Monday during a home invasion on Norman Avenue in Ashtabula.

Police said they are still searching for two armed men.

Other details were not available.  Rely on Fox 8 News and for updates.

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  • AngelWings Mia

    May God be with this family… they did not deserve any of this happening to them at all! They are the innocent people in all this because of these two black men were going into that house to steal! There has been a lot of break ins during the day in Ashtabula Harbor area! I hope they find these low lifes and make them pay… 2 charges of murder for both these two guys! Don’t have me be on the jury I already have them hung with the death penalty already! They can keep running but they cannot hide so they mine as well turn themselves in because eventually they will be caught! God is watching you little boys! To you little boys who did this time to take off your little girl pissy panties and put on your man pants and Man up and turn yourselves in!

  • Obama

    What a surprise more black violence in bula. Better it comes out that drugs were involved. Sad to see any one get killed. But it seems like as ny violence in bula anymore is contributed to drugs

    • wonder who?

      Agreed i live here and clearly 1st thing i thought was over drugs always is.That street is 6 min down the road and its scary to think they are still on the loose hope they are caught but not that scared since i dont involve myself in drugs.Mostly what home invasions are over.Some people are saying it was ment for the house next to them (they are duplex).Which would be a shame but what do u expect from bula projects.

    • tim

      they were not into drugs. they were very great people and workers they are very great friends of mine for many years the father was a good hard working man along with his wife they did not deserve this to happen to them and im sure it was a robbery and a thief who wanted to get his fix for the day its just so sad that they had to shoot and kill them and I pray to god they catch them befor they kill again that’s why I sleep with my 9MM along with my 12 gauge right beside my bed every night and day so I can grab it fast enough if needed and I would not think twice to use it if someone would ever try to come into my house and they are always loaded and ready with a lot of extra clips and I think every family should have a gun for the fact for someone like the ones who did this to this loving family god bless you all and phill I love you my brother and I feel all your pain I wish I knew how to get a hold of you god bless

  • kim

    Fox 8 you need to step it up with your facts. The mom has passed away..
    other news station took the time to update.. people here in Ashtabula do watch you guys we would like current information why don’t you try a little hard for our community. Show up to the vigil tonight!

  • youknowwho

    @kim-They said her autopsy was pending! Autopsy’s aren’t done to live people! Just saying, they have their facts straight!

    • kim

      I was pissed that at noon fox 8 had not updated the mom passed away last night. other news teams took the time to update.

    • kim

      it was live on tv that they didnt update. thats what had me upset. it is what it is this happen in my back yard my kids are scared didnt want to sleep last night. Things like this happen all over but when its close to home it has a different effect on a person. I just pray they find the S.O.B. that did this to this family. Hope there is Justice for the family!

  • ILiveHere

    The police really pulled together last night…searching multiple place as concerned individuals called in every suspicious prowler. There was so much going on. A big thank you to APD for checking up on every lead and responding to all concerns our city had last night.
    And i agree that those investigating Ashtabula (including our own Star Beacon paper) should work a little harder before they publish wrong information.
    Goes to show us that we need to be even more vigilant as a community to recognize and eradicate criminals. Our community programs are being shut down and we don’t have access to government money we so desperately need to rehabilitate users and jail people with criminal intent. Stop sending criminals back into the population without attempting to rehabilitate them-even drug related crimes are crimes.

    • whiskey-tango-foxtrot

      I’m a delivery driver for a local pizza place in Ashtabula. That night, I sensed a greater law enforcement presence in general. Not only APD, but the Sheriff’s Deputies as well as Ohio State Highway Patrol. A lot more than what I typically see on a monday night that is.

  • guesswho*

    Right it clearly starts that they both have passed I think you need to learn to read. And for all you fucks that have something to say about the blacks , crimes are everywhere no matter what race. I totally agree with you on the whole it’s more blacks committed these crimes. But its uncalled for ; for the racism. And them people that passed had absolutely nothing to do with it . They were innocent bystanders .

  • Cguy

    Horrible tragic thing..I’m just thankful that school was closed yesterday seeing as it happened about 300 yards from elementary campus.could have been a lot more trouble with school letting out around that time..hope they find them soon and they both go down to a hail of gunfire with no police injured.they don’t deserve a trial.

  • dave

    what Sad is the cops knows who the dealers are and They still can’t do nothing about it that doesn’t make any sense it’s a sad sad situation Drugs have takin over this town

  • Mike

    Don’t live in the area however, have family that does and I will be moving myself and two daughters to the Ashtabula area this summer. I don’t worry about home invasions because if crackheads like these invade my home they will have made a huge mistake, they wont have to worry about having to be in front of a jury because they will have already had the unfortunate experience of meeting my .45 with hollow points. Problem solved!!

  • markko

    Ashtabula continues to go down the toilet. No jobs, no substantial police force, and dope heads/thieves abound. The criminals know that Ashtabula pplice only have 3 or 4 cops on duty at a time. It’s getting bad. I had some idiot streal a fedex package off my porch in broad daylight and I got him on video. Know the name of the guy and he’s got warrants for other stuff too. Police trying to find that guy. A couple more years and i’m moving out of Ashtabula. Keep vigilant folks, you never know if you’re nextm

  • Adam

    All the racism and in all there has been more crimes committed this last year by depressed white kids in my opinion why are they so depressed there white but as soon as a black person does something horrible we’re all negro savages so in part grow the fuck up and there is more meth in this county guess who sells that remember the round up of those like 72 people all white meth dealers so the problem is universal not just one race

  • meathead2

    its to bad Ashtabula is all thugs and wanna be gangsters its to bad I grew here there and it was awesome.

  • meathead2

    its true most crime in Ashtabula is committed by black people. Its pretty sad but its always been that way

  • Dave

    First, let me say that the color or the men that committed the crime is irrelevant. Second, this wasn’t a random shooting. As many of you prepare to ‘arm’ yourselves, keep in mind that a GREAT majority of the shootings we see and hear about have some type of motive behind them. Whether it be over drugs, money, etc. it is not random. I don’t know the victims not do I know the gunmen, but I will say there’s at least a 75% chance that at least one of the victims did something to the gunmen for them to retaliate, however minute it may have been.

    • John Smith

      “First, let me say that the color or the men that committed the crime is irrelevant” ……. so the disproportionate amount of BLACK crime is pure coincidence? And the extent of escalating BLACK crime is some random event? Are you outside your mind and so deluded by your self serving, racially righteous nonsense?

      To all da brothas and sistahs and a few nappy-headed hoes: the problem is YOU PEOPLE ……. YOU ……. PEOPLE ….. not almost, not maybe ….. YOU PEOPLE!

  • Sarah

    I’m ganna miss u girls. It’s hard to believe you gone. U use to baby sit my baby bro. Idk who would do this. Wish you could of met the girls. Your going to be truely loved and missed. <3 glad I moved but then again no. I lost a good friend.

  • delby colon

    I’m so sad to hear this awful news that both of my cousins were killed they are a working family and totally against drug’s and thanks god that her daughter was in school when this happened just for anybody wants to know that she and her husband were looking for a new place to live because of the drug’s in the area she did not want her kids caught up with any drug’s they are very smart kid’s that never was out hanging out on the street corner s the last time i saw her was at my sister’s house in orlando, fl about 3 year’s ago we will miss her so much and her son may they both rest in peace and we will meet again cuz.

  • John Smith

    The problem is as obvious as BLACK and white! The perverted BLACK subculture with its disgusting, vile, insidious and despicable lifestyle on display for everyone to witness if you open your eyes! You’ve seen it happen over and over when “these people” like an intrusion of cockroaches infests one neighborhood after another ….. again and again. Let’s make more excuses for the “anointed minority” so they can infest YOUR neighborhood!

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