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‘Pay to Participate’ Resolution Passes in Westlake


WESTLAKE, OH — The Westlake school board voted to pass a ‘pay to participate’ resolution Monday, which will require students to pay a fee to participate in school activities.

Westlake is the only district aside from Olmsted Falls in the Southwestern Conference that previously did not require ‘pay-to-participate’ fees. Others school districts charge as much as $700 to participate in sports or other organizations.

Activities are split up into several tiers: Tier I-A, which contains sports such as high school football, high school basketball and high school golf, will cost students $125, plus a one-time annual transportation fee of $65.

Activities such as high school track, high school cheerleading and a number of middle school sports are classified in Tier I-B and will cost students $55, plus a one-time annual transportation fee of $65.

Two other tiers classify high school and middle school activities and will cost students $35 and $15, respectively.

Individual student rates are capped at $250 for high school students, plus a transportation fee of $315. Middle school students are capped at $110, plus a transportation fee of $175.

The school district is trying to make adjustments to offset the defeat of a 5.4-mill operating levy in November and a 5.9-mill levy in May.