Dozens Arrested in Alliance PD Drug Sweep

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ALLIANCE, Ohio — The Alliance Police Department announced it arrested 40 people Monday.  Most of them were charged with drug trafficking offenses.

The roundup is the result of several separate drug investigations.

The Alliance Police Department released these names and their charges:

  • John Anderson, 59 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • John Billiter Jr., 27 – Complicity to trafficking in heroin, complicity to trafficking in drugs
  • John Billiter Sr., 51 – Possession of cocaine
  • Anton Blann, 25 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Casey Cline, 38 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Silver Culbertson, 25 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Chad Davis, 31 – trafficking in marijuana (two counts), possession of heroin
  • David Davis, 39 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Shelton Dailey, 37 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Cynthia Farrar, 62 – Possession of dangerous drugs
  • Melissa Fortune, 29 – Trafficking in drugs
  • Freddie Goings, 21 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Spring Hollenbaugh, 23 — Trafficking in drugs
  • Justin John, 23 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Kenneth Johnson, 45 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Shawn Jones, 41 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Min Derryl Jones, 22 — Trafficking in cocaine
  • Amanda Legros, 29 — Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Teresa Luddeni, 27 — Trafficking in drugs
  • Tyson Magee, 26 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Pamela Mantsch, 55 – Complicity to trafficking in drugs, possession of drugs
  • William Noble, 35 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Scott Reiter, 30 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Robert Runion, 24 – Trafficking in heroin
  • Melissa Saunders, 26 – Complicity to trafficking in drugs
  • Brenda Seufts, 47 – Trafficking in drugs
  • Jennifer Sexton, 31 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Melissa Thomas, 42 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Travis Thompson, 21 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Delia Thompson, 34 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Larry Williams, 49 – Trafficking in cocaine
  • Jennifer Williams, 33 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Donna White, 29 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • David Wise, 40 – Trafficking in marijuana
  • Billy Woodburn, 46 – Trafficking in dangerous drugs
  • Dominique Wright, 22 – Trafficking in marijuana


While working on those cases, officers encountered four other individuals that resulted in arrests for various reasons.

The Alliance Police Department said Elvis Jones, 28, turned himself in on an outstanding warrant in Stark County.

Joseph Scheible, 31, was arrested on a contempt warrant out of Alliance Municipal Court.

Anthony Greathouse, 23, was arrested for failure to appear on theft in Columbiana County.

Ashley Yarian, 18, was arrested for obstructing official business.  She was booked at Alliance City Jail then released and was scheduled to be arraigned Friday.

Everyone else was booked at Alliance City Jail then taken to Stark County Jail and will be arraigned Wednesday.

The Ohio Department of Parole officers assisted the Alliance Police Department with the sweep.


      • scott swea

        for some reason i knew there was gonna be one A hole with a comment like this, whats wrong your drug dealer get caught now you have to take the bus across town???? looser

  • Brandy

    I truly understand the work these guys have for them in our city fighting drugs and I appreciate their efforts to try to keep drugs off of our streets. However, that being said, these officers obviously didn’t do their research showing up on my doorstep looking for someone who did not live in my house shortly after school let out with guns drawn in plain view. How do you explain this to your children that answer the door? We try to shelter our kids from this lifestyle and the poor research of these “detectives” clearly demonstrates how they are doing their jobs.

    • chris

      That must have been pretty frightening for them, but I would tell them they were looking for bad people. They made a mistake. It’s not us. Don’t be afraid of the police. That might help.

      • Donna DeMartino

        Absolutely Chris ~ GREAT Answer . . sounds like these guys are really doing their jobs. They got 40 of these deadbeats off the streets and nobody was killed or injured. I applaud them and they certainly have my respect!

  • Kali

    It specifically states that there were 4 others they encountered that were arrested for various reasons, it states that she was not part of the drug sweep. Maybe she shouldn’t have been obstructing official business and her name would t be on the list. It states that she was booked and released and all others were booked and held. She is 18 and an adult therefore it is public record and if she didn’t want her name out there she shouldn’t have gotten arrested!!!

  • Lisa Ruper

    Solution legalize Marijuana and we would have less folks in Jail less officers putting themselves in danger and the world would be a better happier place. Just think of the sin tax on weed. Hmmm Must not be more than the drug cartels are paying yet. The day will come.

    • its always 420

      You are correct Lisa! Colorado has legalized medical & recreational weed…30% tax on the recreational….7% tax on the medical…they’re pulling themselves out of the recession…one toke at a time!

  • ihatepeople

    what are the police going to do when weed is legal?? guess they are going to have to find more local donut shops to congregate at!

  • Anonymous

    How very unsurprising. Lived in Alliance most of my life and can believe this of the classmates and peers who got their names on this list. Personally though, I’m a bit pissed that anyone who gets jail time gets to live on MY hard-earned tax dollars. Wish we’d do like in Singapore – cane ’em!!

  • Dumbledore

    Lots of people seem happy to watch the police and government burn through borrowed money to bust some pot heads…. Oh well this country seems to be progressing, two states with full marijuana legislation. Won’t be long before there’s more, just imagine the tourism revenue Colorado must be receiving! Instead of flying to Amsterdam, you can go on a pot vacation for a 1/10 of the price.

    Although I don’t use marijuana or any drugs I can see the amazing potential for legislation. :)

  • Aimee

    now if only they would get more than just a slap on the hand something might change in the world but probably not the judges will just let them back out to do it again if not something worse it’s a shame they do so much hard work to get him arrested and build a case and they just get turned back out on the street to commit another crime and plus more generations of criminals and their family its sad really people need to stand up and be accountable for their actions try to set a decent example for the children

  • dan

    Haha apd is Nazis. Not good job. I grew up there. The cops are horrible, no rights. I was once told to turn out my pockets because I was supposedly smoking a cig, when I never have. And I was of age anyway. Also I was arrested for curfew and manhandled by an officer at the age of 15 threatened to break my neck and slammed my face into the concrete cutting my eye open for a a curfew violation funny my mom picked me up from the station and never heard a word about my arrest or court or nothing. Fuck APD.

  • james

    Apd sells the drugs to informants then the informants sell to the people then the informants come back to buy what they sold to the person wearing a wire how are they doing a good job when there just takeing drugs that they in the first place put out there you cant solve a problem by creating one its the apd thats selling the drugs how come they arnt introuble none of the drugs would be in any of the peoples possession if it wernt for the apd there the ones who belong in jail

  • james

    Apd lies an uses scare tactics an threatens people there thugs with badges they use informants to sell drugs to citizens then the informant buys drugs back off the person drugs that the person got from the informant which the informant got from the apd so whos the real bad guys this tactic they use is not a sting it is a scam none of these people would of got introuble if it wasint for the apd selling drugs in the firdt place the police are scum bag pigs an they are the cause an problem they arnt protecting an serving anything d bunch of criminals fuck em let em all die slow i dont feel sorry for any one of em

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