5-Year-Old Shot and Killed Identified

Posted on: 5:29 am, January 20, 2014, by , updated on: 12:35pm, January 20, 2014

CLEVELAND — Police are investigating a shooting on Cleveland’s west side that left a 5-year-old girl dead and put her 33-year-old mother in the hospital.

It happened Sunday around 11:15 p.m in the 12800 block of Crossburn Avenue.

Photo provided by family

Photo provided by family

The Cuyahoga Medical Examiner’s Office says the 5-year-old is Jermani Brooks.

The Cleveland Division of Police said the victims were sitting inside an SUV when a man drove up, got out of his vehicle and fired multiple shots. Both mother and daughter were hit in the head.

The man then left in a green SUV.

The victims were taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where Jermani died. The woman was being treated.

The suspect’s vehicle was ditched in the 12000 block of Kirton Avenue, about a mile away from the scene. The investigation then led officers to the 3500 block of Riverside Avenue.

A SWAT unit and negotiation team checked out that area but the house they were watching turned out to be empty.

The shooter is still out there. Police have not released his name or a description.

The motive is under investigation.

Rely on Fox 8 News and FOX8.com for updates.


  • jeremy says:

    Hope they give that guy the needle, poor kid..

  • tanisha says:

    These scumbags are out of control.

  • Kevin says:

    no more needles, lets bring the noose back with a public hanging…

  • Cleveland says:

    Perhaps he’ll resist arrest and we won’t need 25 years of feeding him before he gets a needle.

  • ziggy says:

    I am shocked that Fox8 has identified the race of the shooter. Is this going to be the new policy?

    • kim says:

      just wondering if he would have been identified as a different race would they have made it known.

      • ben says:

        Wow a lot of racist here…. the point of saying the race is because the guy is still roaming around and not in custody…..

      • Joe Code stud says:

        Last week fox8 reported that no details were available on an attacker even though the police described the attacker in that crime as black.

  • Big Guy says:

    Bring in the National Guard and get these scumbags off the streets.

  • John Smith says:

    Sure, the suspect is a WHITE MALE ….. now it’s perfectly, politically correct to provide the race otherwise nothing would have been mention. Call in the Justice Brothas Jesse and Al to save the day for all of BLACK mankind!

  • ben says:

    the neighborhood is a mix of white and blacks and hispanic’s, race was not an issue in this case… it was that a 5 yr old girl and her mother got shot and one of them died…. this would have been all over the news regardless of race.

  • Leah says:

    Why does everyone mention race? It’s a human who shot a 5 year old child in the head. They said his race and vehicle description because he is still on the loose. They said a WHITE male. There are monsters in every racial group!!!!

  • John Smith says:

    Did you ever consider that “human” may be the only thing you have in common with the scumbag suspect? No matter how much you wish to avoid the obvious but race is an integral, identifiable part of who we are ….. there’s a considerable difference from the suspect is a BLACK MALE and a one-eyed, Episcopalian kangaroo!

  • Sue Cox says:

    How about a picture?

  • Lisa Helt says:

    such a shame, these poor families! Cleveland is out of control! What is going on in this world!!

  • chuck goult says:

    IT sure would have been helpful if the city and state would have prefaced the news article instead of left everyone guessing on Cleveland, where????

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