Rocky River Man on Ice: ‘Never Seen it Like This’

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ROCKY RIVER, Ohio -- People who live along the Rocky River found out what happens when flood waters turn to ice this weekend.

Saturday night, they were dealing with rising waters reaching their houses. Sunday morning, they were dealing with blocks of ice.

Larry Misensko stated the obvious while cleaning his front yard.

"We have a little bit of an ice problem," he said.

Residents who live along Yacht Club Drive said this is what happens when we experience drastic temperature changes like we had this past week.

"The river flows. Because the ice is on the surface, the water can't go anywhere. So, it breaks the ice, everything goes up. Then all the ice is solid heavy projectile flowing down the river,” said Rocky River resident Fred Kappus.

The ice proved to be a force of nature. It literally broke apart boat docks and sent dock boxes down river.

Dave DeCapua, Jr., of DeCapua Marina, could see one of their boaters' dock boxes about 40 yards away frozen in the ice.

"I have never seen it break up like this -- where the temperature has been going up and down like crazy, freezing and thawing. I don't really know what to expect,” DeCapua said.

Misenko said he has seen worse, but the situation is not over. Depending on how the ice breaks up and moves out, there could be more flooding and more damage.

"We'll clean it up.  It will go away and hopefully it won't do much damage,"  Misenko said.

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