Download: Police Chief Posts Firings on Twitter

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Courtesy: MGN Online

A police chief in Texas is taking the transparency in his police force to a whole new level, according to

Chief David O. Brown takes to twitter every time he fires an employee. His ‘termination tweet’ follows a simple format of stating the name of the fired employee, and the reason they were fired.

In 2013, twenty-seven police officers were fired, and each time Chief Brown posted about it on the social media site. Like this one:

chieft tweet 2

Browns stated on twitter that his actions are motivated by transparency, and a desire to “engage the public on social media.”


  • Shane

    Public service public information why is this even a discussio.I love your show but why not try to help the American public smh

  • Chris Wesley

    if what he says on twitter is completely true and not reworded to make it sound worse then what it was that happened. then I don’t see what is wrong with what he did. would make people change there attitude. if peoples BS was open to other people then there wouldn’t be arguments on how unfair it was that the person was fired. if my reason of firing was for the public to see then the company I worked for would have a very bad name and reputation. We as human beings have just got to be less judgmental and know mistakes happen.

  • cathi

    If he has had to fire that many people in a year maybe people need to start looking at HIM! Wouldn’t surprise me if they found him and his juvenile way of dealing with things being part of the problem!

  • PegHoney

    I think I see a lawsuit (or 27) for defamation of character, at the least, in the chief’s future. Getting fired is bad enough but posting it on public media is going too far, in my opinion.

  • Donald Darko

    The fired employee is entitled to some modicum of privacy, regardless if s/he is a public employee. Unless the firing was for some reason that was harmful to the public writ large and/or illegal in some capacity, I don’t believe these tweets should exist.

  • Tim Burrows

    I see nothing wrong with what the Chief is doing provided that all due process has been followed and there are no grievances filed that would end up re-instating the members. As long as that is all done, then it is full transparency. I wonder if in the case of any members getting re-instated after a grievance the Chief would be also putting on Twitter the re-instatement and the penalty the agency had to pay as a result of the firing without cause.

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