Lorain County Lifts Water Restrictions

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AVON LAKE, Ohio - Lorain County has removed its water restrictions.

Avon Lake Municipal Utilities posted a message on its Facebook page about the changes Thursday morning.

It read, "Success during the night! We are removing our water restrictions and pumping to our neighbors. They will determine when they can remove theirs."

Rural Lorain County Water Authority said its water levels have improved and their water input rates are close to normal. This prompted them to remove their water usage restrictions.

It does expect to issue a boil alert for a small area on Thursday morning.

Crews worked through the night on the clogged intakes at the Avon Lake Filtration Plant, and brought in extra pumps to draw in water from deep out in Lake Erie.

The problem began when an intake system that brings water from Lake Erie into the Avon Lake Water Filtration plant froze up Tuesday night.