Woman Killed in Collision With Snow Plow

Posted on: 8:19 pm, January 2, 2014, by , updated on: 10:38pm, January 2, 2014

APPLE CREEK, OH — A New Philadelphia woman was killed Thursday evening when she lost control of her vehicle and collided with a truck with a snow plow attached.

According to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Mary K. Durbin Aken, 60, was driving her 2006 Toyota Matrix eastbound on U.S. 250 when she lost control and slid into the path of a 2002 International 7400, owned by the Wayne County Commissioner’s Office, driven by Keith Badertscher.

Badertscher attempted to avoid the vehicle by swerving to the right, but struck the passenger side of Durbin Aken’s vehicle.

The snow plow entered the interior compartment of the vehicle, striking the woman.

Ms. Durbin Aken was pronounced dead at the scene. Badertscher was transported for minor injuries

The Ohio State Highway Patrol wants to remind drivers to slow down when roads are covered with snow.


  • Reblogged this on aurorawatcherak and commented:
    I work for Department of Transportation in Alaska. Last year we had nine vehicles hit DOT snow plows in just the northern region.
    Folks, a snow plow is a huge vehicle! Do not assume that the driver can see you. Do not assume that the driver can stop for you. Really, there is absolutely NOTHING in your life that urgent that you want to risk hitting one of these things. Slow down and exercise some patience!

  • Editor says:

    Good journalism reports facts. The best journalism leaves out the facts that a writer wouldn’t want to read about their own family member. Simply stating driver was killed on impact would do. Minor example of poor judgement in today’s journalism.

    • LynnD says:

      I agree with your comment. She was a teacher and a friend and coworker of mine for fifteen years. That sentence is especially painful for those of us who know and loved her.

  • kathie says:

    I am sad too for the driver of that truck. He just couldn’t avoid hitting that car and killing that poor woman. He will live with this memory for the rest of his life. Terrible.

  • colided “with a truck, with a plow attached”……or a snowplow…..where do these writers learn their skill???

  • Cathy Russell says:

    Sincere condolences to her family. May she rest in peace. Prayers for plow driver.

  • Robert Wallace says:

    I worked with Ms Durbin. She is a teacher at my job. Shocking and sad..

  • James L. Back Sr. says:

    Ms Durbin had a fantastic ability to work with kids in school and encourage them to strive to learn and be successful.

  • Dashawn Luttrell says:

    She was an extremely gifted and wonderful lady. I ve known her for 6 years and she taught kids and helped them in anyway possible. She was extremely passionate in teaching the G.E.D. program at Abraxas.

  • Sue Marshall says:

    I agree , the wording could have been better .Ms Durbin & I graduated together & still friends & I found it disturbing to read. She was a wonderful person & always had a smile.She always wanted to help her kids.

  • garland says:

    retired road driver from yellow,feel for both parties.had a fellow driver similar situation,killed mom and 2 children. it was unavoidable for him. he quit his job,couldnt take the pain.peole,slow down,dont follow too close,pay attention when driving. ive seen too many avoidable tragedies!

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