Police: Two Teens Dead After Barberton Shooting

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BARBERTON, Ohio – Police have released the names of the victims from a shooting that killed two people, and wounded two others in Barberton.

Police said they responded to a call for help on 7th Street NE around 6:50 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

When police arrived they found four people shot inside the home. The victims are 38-year-old Ronda Blankenship, and her boyfriend 42-year-old John Kohler. Kohler’s children 18-year-old Ashley Carpenter and 14-year-old David Kohler Carpenter were found dead at the scene, according to police.

Kohler and Carpenter were both taken to area hospitals, according to police.

Police believe the home was targeted for a robbery, and the suspect is still on the loose.

Autopsies are scheduled to take place on Ashley Carpenter and David Kohler- Carpenter on Thursday.

The Barberton Detective Bureau, Bureau of Criminal Investigation, and the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to call Barberton Police at 330-848-6709.


  • shawn

    Pretty sure no race was mentioned…its people like you who turn it into a race thing…i could careless who did the shooting in the end 2 young kids are dead and you comment about race…thats your reality!!;

  • stephanie s

    I’m confused. This article says Kohler and Carpenter were taken to local hospitals…. but previously it stated it they were found dead. Did the writer perhaps mean to write Blankenship and Kohler were taken to the hospital? (The adults)?

    • Karla

      Yes, Id say thats what it meant.
      Its such a senseless tragedy…The teenage girl was a Senior at Barberton High School. I pray for the families that have all been affected by this, including the shooters family, they will also have a heavy burden to carry when the person responsible is caught. God Bless them all.

  • Joe

    It doesn’t appear that they know the race of the murderer. A realist wouldn’t jump to conclusions, a race-baitor would.

  • melissa

    Really good god people does it really matter the color of the shooter you guys going back and fourth with each other is not helping in no way with this its a sad thing that happend to this family you acting like this helps in noway at all ……i hope the shooter is found and them kids can rest in peace and the family get justice

  • delana

    Who cares what color they r they shot people they shot teen age kids and 4 what ? Nothing worth killing unless someone hurts my kids but thatwouuld b selfdefense,but he still out there,and they don’t even now who did somebody does

  • Tricia

    Blankenship and Jon Kohler are hospitalized. Jon’s children are gone. Shot by a coward. Race isn’t an issue (stop making it that way). The issue is two young lives are lost and they will not be able to live their life to their potential.

    • kathy

      Thats right race is not the problem right now, the problem is that there is a killer out there, so every one be safe in your travels and take extra precaution when coming or going. Take in the full picture around you and make sure of your surroundings.

  • Balls

    But if it was a black family killed by a white perso you would be screaming its a hate crime but can anyone white or black tell me has there ever been a black person charged with a hate crime for killing a white person? No I didn’t think so so shut the hell up about race.

    • Julie

      Are you really serious? How enraging you would even go to race! Two of OUR young are dead! Isn’t that ALL that matters? Cmon

  • Angel

    Such a sad, sad world we are living in. People killing people all the time. No respect for human life. And if it was a robbery, they killed two innocent children, all because someone had something they wanted. Well here’s a thought, get a job and pay for it. Pathetic!!!!

  • chris mearns

    Cant believe these people had both their children taken lives altered forever and ur all concerned with the color? That is whats wrong with all of us i know how much i love my kids and god wouldnt save u from me if they were ever hurt no matter what race my sympathies go to the families

  • Tom carpenter

    It don’t matter what race it was .the fact is that 2 children are gone cause of a jerk . Ashley Nichole hope carpenter A.k.a carpet was like a daughter to me and my wife and a big sister to my girls .she will be misted deeply
    And to her brother So leave the stupied race thang out of it
    To great kids are gone

  • Karen Tester

    Everyone needs to put theirselves in the families place.. Some of you are making very hurtful comments! This is a family who lost children … Innocent ppl were attacked! If this happened to your family, would you like to see this being turned into a race issue?… No need for that! Have some respect.. No matter what race they were.. God will make them pay, justice on earth will not compare to hell! I’m so sry to any of the family members , friends, loved ones… Your in my families prayers…

  • sad for family

    I feel bad for the family, our thoughts and prayers are with them.
    Every one talking about race, plz stop. It makes me sick, along with the family I’m sure.

  • the clarinet family

    The section will play on!! Play loud in heaven!! Every note we play will be for you.. it’ll never be the same without you.. love you Ashley <3 rip angel you and David were amazing gone but never forgotten

  • Steely sims

    I knew Ashley and her family. Went to school with her and she was a good friend. It’s such a shame they died so young. Not able to do what they were meant to do. You will be missed Ashley carpenter! I hope your flying high and hanging with spongebob (her favorite tv show). Rest in peace

    • Channa Hayes

      Well said Steely. All of you and your friends need to stay close to each other now. We’re here if you need to talk or just need to be around someone.

  • Dee D

    I don’t give a Rat’s A__ __ if the murderer was black, blue and red all over! They better find him quickly!

  • kimberly

    Botton line 2 children were murdered! 2 kids that will never grow up, that willnever know what they would end up to be. 2 kids that will never know life.

  • Joe eckerman

    THIS is why I have a LOADED GUN at every door in my house, I look out the window BEFORE opening it and ask what they want, if I do open to help them with a phone, I hold my Handgun behind my back so I can kill the intruders before they try to kill me. Maybe they knew who the killers were?? why else would they let them in?? It will all come out in the end.
    These home invasions have to stop. Read about the dead people who were shot, then think about keeping a gun handy at all times.

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