Drew Carey, CLE Ring in New Year with Public Square Bash

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Thousands braved the cold to ring in the new year in Public Square.

It was Cleveland’s first New Year’s Eve Party in more than a decade, and it was all hosted by Cleveland native Drew Carey.

Party-goers attended for a host of reasons: some simply had no other plans, while others wanted to check out the party’s performers: the singing group, Krewella.

“This is our first year actually doing something for New Year’s,” said Greg Brookins, of Toledo. “We always stayed home. We’re from Toledo, there’s nothing there.”

“We love Krewella,” added Reanna Zakar. “We’re so pumped right now.”

Organizers of the event said it was all meant to entertain Clevelanders. The event was free, so many got to the celebration early to get a good spot.

Did you attend the festivities? If so, submit your pictures below:


  • state_facts

    What happened looks like nobody showed up? Perhaps 3,000? That was a marketing failure. When will you kids understand Cleveland can not be saved.

    • Connie

      don’t be such a downer, Cleveland is a great place and many flock here the true stay and really know what Cleveland is all about. Cleveland offered a nice New Years Eve, people came , had fun and it was televised. So stop being a hater.

    • carlricco1980

      10-15,000 people were the early estimates. Yo can blame the low attendance on the cold , or
      Perhaps the fact that there is a misconception that downtown in dangerous.

    • Rick Sans (@ricksans)

      Most of those pictures are from early in the night. 20,000 people was what I was told around 1am, by a tour manager of one of the groups that played. My only complaint is a lot of people were standing in line missing the show, because of how slow the security screening process was.

  • Richard

    We were there. It was a great idea, and a lot of fun. The worst thing was the lack of organization to get people in. It was idiotic the way that they were ‘screening’ people by frisking everyone. The line was well over a block long and when we saw how long it was taking to get in, we chose to just go home and watch it on TV. But we like Cleveland a LOT and this is home. There are no gates on the highways. You are most welcome to leave if you don’t like it here.

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