PHOTOS: Honoring Our Heroes (Part 3)

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  • Two Perfect People that has served our Country for many years..We Salute them and Honor them as they are Hero's Of Our Family along with many others..We Love you all By Kim Price

  • Michael Stanley jr. on leave from U. S. Air Force, Home for christmas with his family

  • our girl in afghanistan serving our country Jessica Krueger U.S. Army Military Police

  • One of the Few, The Proud, The Marines. Joseph BIlly serving in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. We can't wait to have him home in February!!!

  • Photo of my 3 Children on my daughters graduation day last year, Bryan Is my oldest he is 22 that is in the USAF , my daughter Breanna is 20 she is in the middle and my youngest Brandon is 18 and he graduated this past May

  • This is a pic. of his graduation at FT. benning, ga. He currently is stationed at Ft.lewis,Wa . 2-3 infantry.stryker division

  • My father served in the Navy during WWII

  • David Tatarowicz from North Ridgeville, Ohio.

  • Todd Neroni US ARMY 4 tours in Iraq

  • U.S. Army currently stationed at Ft. Leavenworth Kansas. M.P. working detention barracks One tour in Afghanistan deployed from Ft. Wainwright Alaska.

  • Major Kathryn Carter Prose Retired Oct 2013 with son Kalvin From Lorain Ohio

  • Major Kathryn Carter Prose and Son Kalvin . Retired Oct 2013 , Lorain Ohio


  • The Army National Guard 837th EN CO Combat Engineers are returning to Cleveland from Afghanistan today!

  • This is my grandpa Earl M. Chaney I would like to Honor him by sharing his photo He was always a hero to everyone who knew him He fought for our country in veitnam and always put every one else before him self He was a very kind and wise person witha heart of gold I miss him very much he might be gone but hes never forgotten! Rest In Peace Grandpa

  • She Has Served 22yrs in the Army, To me that is honorable Our Family Loves her,Thank you for your Many Years Of Service Sis We All Love you very much We Salute you

  • Richard Kaszian, US Navy

  • Our "20 Year Old HERO"- Jordan Newman. Joined the AirForce February of 2013, Graduated basic training July 12th, 2013. Currently training as an electronic mechanic for the C-130. Very proud parents!!

  • This is a picture of my father Douglas Grether Army-Vietnam 1967-1970 131st Aviation Nighthawks and my nephew at his recent graduation in June for the United States Marine Corp. We love them both and are always proud and thankful for their service as well as the service of all men and women.

  • This is my Wonderful Stepdaughter and my hero, Returned Dec.3 2013 from her Boot camp/AIT training.

  • I don't have a photo with him in his uniform but this is my best friend Donald. These photos were taken the day before he got deployed. He was deployed in May, and has been gone ever since. He isn't sure when he will get to come home. He will be home as early as March, but it's possible he will be gone way longer. I miss him constantly. I can't wait to have him back home. Thank you to him, and to everyone else for serving <3 I appreciate your sacrifice.

  • Staff Sergeant Atkins, Jesse hometown Orwell, OH. Currently on his 2nd deployment in Afghanistan. He also has done 2 tours in Iraq. He is stationed with the Screaming Eagles, Easy Company, 2-506,101st Airborne Division (Air Assault)

  • LCpl Nathan Ewell currently stationed at New River Air Station in Jacksonville, North Carolina. We are all so proud of you and miss you everyday!

  • The first group of soldiers from the 1485th Transportation company that went to Iraq

  • P. F. C. Timothy A. Natale (U. S. Army) and his Hero, his grandfather, Anthony C. Natale, U. S. Navy Veteran

  • Ruben is presently stationed in Hawaii and has already completed one tour in Afghanistan.

  • Serving aboard The Ike CVS 69. Two tours in the Middle East and will soon be on shore duty. Avon and North Ridgeville, Ohio.

  • Presently stationed in Germany SGT Dale L. Layne has already served one tour in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan.

  • My hero Bradley Anthony Davis

  • Hi, I wanted to submit a picture of my dad. He just turned 93 years old. His name is John Payne. He was in WWII and the Korea War. He was in the Air Force (Troop Thirsty 13). He is very active - puts out a garden, cooks, enjoys his grandchildren, etc. He just refurnished this cello that was in pieces. His uncle had made it and Dad just refurnished it and put it all back together. He is my hero. Cathy Moore

  • Sara Sturgess is our American Hero. She is right know stattion in Japan. She has been in the United States Air Force Since July of 2006. She has been deployed to Kuwait and Iraq and after the first of the year she will be deploying to Jordan. Sara has lots of family grandparents Aunts Uncles and friends who miss her but most of all she has her parents, sister, brother and her niece who all miss her dearly. Sara will not be making it home for Christmas this year but deep in are hearts she will be with us. We love when we get to talk to her weathers its thorough skpye, face time, or facebook. Her niece who has only meet her just a hand full of times love to talk to her for hours at time. We look forward to the day that we get to pick are solider up from the airport and bring her home for good. Thank you Sara for all you time and dedication for out country. We love you and miss you and we will have you home again real soon.


  • my son in D Company

  • This is my son Pvt. Preston Nimon. He just finished basic training in GA and is now completing his AIT. He will be home for Christmas. We are blessed and so proud! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

  • My son Matthew Foust, USMC receiving the rank of SSgt while in Afghanistan - Matthew graduated from Nordonia High School ( Macedonia, OH ) in 2001 and entered the Marine Corps - He is currently in the US and entering his 13th year in the Corps. Submitted by Gail Foust

  • My father taught me so much. Wish he was still here to answer my questions.

  • Our father proudly served in the US Navy during the Korean Conflict. R.I.P. We love you Dad!

  • My father was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor.

  • Amanda A. Morris, U.S. Navy from Alliance Ohio. Stationed at Pearl Harbor, currently deployed to the Persian Gulf

  • This is a photo of my brother, Jared, our sister and myself. It was taken at his graduation from Parris Island in October. We are all so proud of him and love and miss him so much.

  • This is my grandfather. Didn't know very much. He was in WWII. He just passed away earlier this year.

  • SPC William Wallace with his daughter CaitLynn Taylor Southers-Wallace during homecoming 2012. Wallace is currently serving in the Army National Guard and is deployed.

  • stationed at ShepphardnAir Force Base, Texas

  • Kenneth Bish US Airmen, currently in Lackland Texas

  • This is my brother Jason Brown, myself (Meghan Lewis) and my youngest daughter Maci. This is in May 2011 in San Antonio Texas when he was graduating from the Air Force bootcamp and his first time meeting his new niece. He is currently stationed at RALF AirForce Base in England with his wife Tina and 2 daughters. Jason is a Senior Airman who is a heavy duty diesel mechanic. It has been two and half very long years since have seen them and so excited that they will be home next summer before they get PCSd somewhere else.

  • SSgt KEN PRESTON. Based in Little Rock, AR, he's served 3 tours in Afghanistan. We are proud of and honored by his service. Merry Christmas to ALL military.

  • kyle davis is on his first deployment somewhere in the red sea

  • Airman Michael T. Haney, of Cleveland, Meeting his only niece for the first time.

  • Airman Michael T. Haney, of Cleveland, with his 3 siblings Amy, Meghan, and John, while stationed in Texas.

  • Jim Alunni served in Iraq in 2005 with the Third Battalion 25th regiment out of Brookpark, Ohio and he received a Purple Heart ...we are very proud of him!

  • My Nephew Russell Schaar fighting for Our Country

  • This is my nephew Hunter Kuzlik. I am so very proud of him for the journey he has chosen. I miss you Hunter.

  • Spc Cashmere Jackson is currently serving in Afghanistan and will be there for his 21st birthday in January. In this picture he was receiving the Honor Award for exceptional achievement during boot camp ,far surpassing his peers on September 29, 2011

  • He is one of my best friends and I will join him in less than a year in the Marine Corps. Two of our best friends have recently passed away in a car accident a month ago in kernersville. They wanted to be marines more than anything. Ty taught us how the marines did things and we took care of him when he returned from boot camp. He did PT with one of the guys that passed away. I think he is a good candidate to be honored.

  • Photo taken during a hike for Field Medical Training Battalion.

  • Dana graduated from Boot Camp 8-30-2013 and he's now in Missouri for his MOS. I am a proud mom of 3 Soldiers..

  • Proud parent of my Marines he graduated from Boot Camp 8-03-2013 i am a proud parent of 3 Military boys

  • Picture was taken 10/10/13 - Family Day at Parris Island, SC. Greg graduated from U.S. Marine Corps boot camp 10/11/13. Thank you Greg for serving our country. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom, Dad, family and friends Submitted by Vicki Gibson

  • This is my husband Spc. Richard Hobbs who is serving in the US Army, and is currently on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. Although he missed out on Thanksgiving, he will be home a few days later! We couldn't be more proud!

  • My step-son is deployed in the US Army and has just re-enlisted for another 4 years. We are all proud of him and miss him dearly as he is away keeping our country safe and free

  • before deployment...come home soon

  • serving now in Afghanistan...Mommy Loves you...Will be turning 21 in January while on deployment

  • Drew Koehler is a Westlake High graduate and just arrived home from another long deployment. He is joined by his wife Rachel and three young sons. He will reside in Everett Washington just in time for Christmas.

  • My hero, my nephew, James Asseff Jr., is currently serving his third tour. Sacrificing another set of holidays away from his family for his country. So proud of him and love him very much!

  • This photo was taken early in my career, I completed 20 years and 14 days and then retired. I served during 1991 - 2011. I am a Gulf War Veteran.

  • He passed away 20 days before I was born. I LOVE AND MISS YOU TONS GREAT-GRANDPA HARRY!!!!!!!!!

  • Aviation Electrician's Mate John Filidoro Jr. U.S. Navy 1990 - 1998. Picture taken while on leave in Hong Kong in 1993 while on a Cruise aboard CVN-72 USS Abraham Lincoln attached to VFA-94 Fighter Attack Squadron. Wearing my Cleveland ROCKS Shirt.

  • Caleb will be spending the next year in South Korea and will not be home for the holidays. We wanted Caleb to know how proud we are of him and how much we love him and will miss his even more during the holidays. We want to thank Caleb and all his battle buddies for making the ultimate sacrifice to their families and their country. We love you Caleb with all of our hearts. Mom, Dad, Jordan & Megan.

  • CMS Mark Aman and Technical Sergeant Tamela Aman At Vance Air Force Base .This was Tamela retiring last year Her husband March retires next year after 30 year. Mark is from Canton, Ohio Tamela is from Madison, Ohio.

  • Andrew join after graduation from James F. Rhodes High School in 2006. He is a MP and has done one tour in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. One tour in Afghanistan he was a dog handler, which his dog would sniff out IED's. Currently he is stationed at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. as an instructor. Yes, I am a proud mom.

  • Lance Corporal Ian Tankersley and his sister Airman Basic Sarah Tankersley .Ian flew in to Lackland Air Force Base from 29 Palms Marine Base to see his little sister graduate from boot camp November 22, 2013. They are both from Madison, Ohio.

  • Lance Corporal Ian Tankersley 1812 M1A1 Tank Crewman at United States Marine Corps Twentynine Palms, California

  • God Bless ALL of our Soldiers!

  • My son is a Flight Medic in the US Army. Currently stationed over seas. We love and miss him very much. Pray he and all the others come home safe!!!

  • My brother SGT Jared Martin has been Military Police in the Army for five years now, currently serving in Cuba until sometime in 2014! We love and miss him! God Bless

  • Bradley has been in the Ohio National Guard for 4 years. This is from when he was on a year long tour in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Afghanistan. 2011 - 2012.

  • William M Pitts. Age 94 of cleveland heights. He is my beloved dad who served in Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. He is great husband of 44 years, father and veteran! I love him so much!-- submitted by Robert Pitts

  • Joshua Rickerd-- Air Force Base in Texas New Mexico. Joshua has been serving for about a year now. He follows in our late father's footsteps-- Paul A. Rickerd. This photo submitted by Jennifer Lugo and Jade Lugo

  • Sgt Joe Langham 2nd Marine Air Wing

  • Kevin served a tour in Afghanistan while stationed in Ft. Drum, NY a member of the Mountain Division 2001 - 2002. Also a tour in Iraq 2007 - 2008 and is currently in Ft. Knox, KY

  • US Air Force SSgt Joshua Heiney. Served 2001-2007, ground combat specialist and US Air Force Security Forces - OIF and OEF

  • Our Hero Abby!!! We are so proud of her <3

  • Kenneth David Anthony Vaughn Alpha company Platoon 1046

  • My son, PV2 James Scates ...Turning Blue Ceremony, Fort Benning GA 11/7/2013

  • Capt Russell Parker.. Logistics Officer in the United States Marine Corps. Presently in Afghanistan.

  • My boyfriend, dating for over 3 years. Got back from a tour in Afghanistan in May and we'll be spending our first Christmas together. He'll have completed 6 years of service in July. I'm so proud of him for all he's done.

  • Stationed in San Diego Calif.

  • Brandon Fitzpatrick Lorain Ohio My Son My Soldier My Hero My Veteran

  • Cleveland Ohio He's from Honduras. He is really grateful for the opportunity of been part of this country that he loves ; therefor , he join the Army.

  • This is a picture of my son SSgt Matthew Foust USMC taken in iraq during his 1st deployment. He entered the Marine Corps Aug 2001 and is still active duty.

  • Served 3 tours in Afghanistan and Iraq 2004-2010 purple heart recipient, retired due to combat related injuries in 2012 resides in Elyria with his wife Blair and stepson Brady. Will be starting school in the fall to earn a degree in alternative energy.

  • This is my hero and older brother, Joseph Billy. Joey is a brother, a son and an uncle. He has spent a lot of his time with the United States Marine Corps and served one tour overseas. As a military contractor, he is required to spend 3 months in Afghanistan and only one month at home, so its like he has been on multiple tours. Our family couldn't be any more thankful for all of the veterans, men & women serving for our country in the past and today.

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