Kmart Christmas Commercial Causes Controversy

Posted on: 4:31 am, November 19, 2013, by , updated on: 04:32am, November 19, 2013

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny a new Kmart commercial definitely gets your attention.

The commercial starts with a shot of six men standing behind a curtain while ringing bells. It’s what happens after the curtain is pulled back that people are talking about.

The men, wearing tuxedo tops with boxer bottoms, squat down and begin shaking their booties to the song “Jingle Bells.”

People flooded the Kmart Facebook page with compliments and complaints about the ad.

“I think the boxer commercial is AWESOME! Well done for thinking out of the box(ers)!” wrote one person.

Another disagreed. “I think Kmart needs to rethink this ad. For those of us who view Christmas as a Holy Day, this ad reduces the season to cheapness. I will avoid Kmart shopping this season.”

Watch the video above and then head to our Facebook page to let us know what you think. Is the commercial funny or offensive?


  • Melisa says:

    I think the video is hilarious. What a way to get attention and finally give the Victoria secret ads some competition. They give air time to the barely clothed angels. Heck they even get a full show every year! So an ad with some handsome men in boxers is just fine by me!!!!

    • Ashlie says:

      Exactly! It’s funny that the victoria’s secret women can be half naked and the ridiculous Carls jr. commercials have women that are literally almost naked, yet…people get offended by men in boxers? Really?

    • Kellie Warren says:

      Agreed! Great commercial…people tend to forget their sense of humor. Sure, I agree that Christmas is a religious holiday but there is room for some fun and laughs. Keep it up, K-Mart…great job!

    • Vickie Susko says:

      I love this commercial, nothing bad, cute and funny. Makes me laugh. I really do think some of you folks should chill just a little.

  • Miriam says:

    People cry over everything grow up. Tis the season to be jolly !!!!

  • Renee says:

    Hilarious! I can see why some people are offended. It does not appear they are shaking their booties but jingleling their man bits, which explains why boxers have more room for them to breathe so to speak. Lol

  • jamie bryner says:

    Peopld r soo touchy these days….i ddnt find it hilarious or offensive…just another way to advertise…big deal…get over it…however good job on pickin out the men…lol!!!

  • Toya N Jimmy says:

    LOL I LOVED IT, It is hilarious

  • kathie says:

    Too bad the sacred holiday of Christmas has to be dragged into this kind of behavior. No respect anymore for anything. Our loss.

    • Roger Mucci says:

      Do you buy gifts for Christmas Kathie? If so, what’s holy about that? Lighten up.

    • Christmas hasn’t always been a holiday. It was instituted to replace Saturnalia, which was a pagan feast celebrated after the winter solstice. This feast included human sacrifice before it was replaced by Christmas. So the origins of Christmas was not holy, and actually the Savior was born in the fall, on the Day of Atonement. So Christmas isn’t as holy as you think it is.

  • Russell grimes says:

    This kind of stuff is what makes the world go around ! You’ll never please every one . It’s not in line with what I think a holiday commercial should be but we all have different opinions.By the way , don’t forget THANKSGIVING

  • Candace Tyree says:

    Its cute

  • Judy says:

    It’s just underwear advertisement, what better way to get people to notice what they are selling. Love it

  • sandra says:

    Sad our society would think this accepltable. Will be shopping elsewhere! :’(

    • Missy says:

      so do you think all the half naked women on commercials is appropriate? Do you buy pepsi products with the beyonce dancing around half clothed. Or do you eat at Hardees where they have a commercial that’s pretty provocative advertising a hamburger? let alone the victoria secret commercials! You people are whats wrong with this world now days.

      • Steve Louden says:

        Well said, Missy.

      • Steve Louden says:

        I take back what I said. I misread your comment. There is nothing “wrong” with people like us who have morals, and do not like this type of smut. The problem lies within those who do like this smut!

      • Michele says:

        Your right Missy!!! It’s wrong to have men dancing in their underwear but its ok when women prance around in Victoria Secret’s lack of clothes!!! That is hypocryticle of people to say that this commercial is offensive..

      • Shannon says:

        Well said Missy its just a commercial I liked it didn’t see any harm done

    • Steve Louden says:

      Agreed. Now I’m glad we no longer have a K Mart in my area. They stoop to this kind of level to make money. Society just gets sicker and sicker.

    • PJ says:

      accepltable? spell-check alert!

  • Mark says:

    if it was Victroria’s Secrets or some other show-the-womans-body nothing would be said. Heck, it’s be aired during a football game, complete with some beer brand advertising it.

    Gotta admit, those boys are n’sync with the bells. Thought it might be in their little boxers!

  • Gary G says:

    How does this denigrate Christmas as a Holy Day? There’s no religious symbols or references in it, other than the day. Even the song, Jingle Bells, doesn’t even mention the holiday. It’s a fun ad, nothing more, nothing less. Get over yourselves and your Judging ways. Doesn’t the Bible tell you not to Judge?

    • Steve Louden says:

      Well, since you brought it up, the Bible tells us to flee from immorality. This is immoral and the whole purpose is to sexually arouse. You just don’t seem to get it, and no one is “judging”.

      • Gary G says:

        Are you serious??. How is this ad “immoral”?? Sexually arousing? They are wearing much more than what you see on a beach, or at the pool. If you were sexually aroused by that Ad, you have more issues to deal with than this Ad. Really. And by calling it “immoral” and “sexually arousing”, you most certainly are judging.

        It was humorous, that’s all.

      • It is funny, not arousing.
        Silly Steve nothing is exposed, your imagination is in overdrive!

  • cheryl zona says:

    Love love love commercial for women. Keep them coming!!

  • don says:

    Last time I shop at Kmart. If it were just adults seeing the ad, it barely might be acceptable. But think of the kids……..

    • Missy says:

      better quit taking your kids to the mall. and dont let them eat at hardees or drink any type of pepsi products!! Those commercials also have half naked women!!

  • I think its funny… I could see y people are upset but who ever is upset about it get over your self, just because its not some women in skimpy clothing. a job well done kmart and I will say this I could see some of my buddies doing a spoof off of this lol

  • Lisa says:

    I think it’s great. People need to lighten up. If you don’t like it it’s as easy as changing the channel. Problem solved. Not everyone has the same tastes. But it’s time for people to get over themselves and learn to deal with life. Women have been half naked jiggling their goodies for years. It’s about time we women get to enjoy a half naked man jingling his goodies. 😃

  • Brandy hunt says:

    No different than most of all ads these days Christmas has become just like every other thing in society Money money money sad but true if u r unhappy w it teach it your home change starts there

  • Renee says:

    Watched it again,still funny!

  • Heather says:

    I find it absolutely HYSTERICAl that someone posted a comment about “it’s a holy day”….as if all the other commercialism and ads surrounding this time of year are so solemn and holy right? Or because Kmart is the headquarters for religious and holy things. Seriously… Is that the best argument they could come up with?!?! Or the one about… Kmart sells toys for kids… To which I say uh… Yea… And they also sell clothing and furniture and groceries and lingerie and condoms and prescriptions and pet supplies…. I mean really people! It’s the same as men in shorts shaking their butts. Everything else is implication. In a country where it’s ok to show women in their bras and panties strutting around in high heels during prime time tv I find it ridiculous that people are making such a big deal over this.

  • joncraft84 says:

    Where does the decency factor come in, oh did I say decency do we even have that anymore, I don’t think so! And we should have it for both sexes!!

  • Dottie Satterfield says:

    Seriously…if they were shaking their “bells” to Oh Holy Night I might be upset but it was to Jingle Bells people. It is a funny commercial. As many have mentioned on here there are Victoria Secret models strutting around in red bras and panties fringed in white fluff…how is that less offensive? I agree the reason for the season is Christianity…but let’s face it it is the big season for retailers so they do what they can to boost sales and if you participate in the gift giving you deal with it. Don’t like it? Don’t shop.

  • I love it! Christmas has not been a “Holy Day” since we have commercialized it with expensive gifts and cheap decor. Without pretty lights and presents under the tree, it’s just another day.

  • Dee says:

    Have to stoop as low as possible to sell something.

  • Pat hawkins says:

    I guess that commercials with men in swimsuits is bad too get your mind out of the gutter. It is cute. Dirty thoughts come from dirty minds.

  • nadene says:

    they did it respectfully. they backed the camera up instead of having it close up on the men. it is funny not sexy. everyone has a right to their opinion and a choice. if you do not like it do not watch it. I am a Christian but this commercial does not bring in religion. they are not grinding.

  • Me says:

    oh come on. people dont complain about nearly naked women but once there are 6 guys in a tux coat and underwear kind of dancing, people start complaining. get over it. they were not even showing 1/2 of what you will see in the victoria secrets commercials.

  • Ted Talevski says:

    I wouldn’t care. I’m already boycotting Kmart over their decision to open at 6:00 Thanksgiving morning.

  • Donny F says:

    Christmas, the holy day stolen from the evil pagans and turned into nothing but materialistic greed and over indulging. Not this time people. Great commercial kmart, keep up the holiday cheer!

  • Tanya says:

    Good Grief! You ” highly moral” people need to get over yourselves. This is just a cute & funny advertisement for boxers. We see way more exposure and sexually explicit commercials on television on a regular basis.

  • Secret says:

    This commercial is just a silly commercial for he holidays that people are taking too serious. & if you say it’s about Christmas, when did jingle bells go with Christmas. & if you say think about the children, stop trying to hide your children from society and what really goes on and teach them on your own that it’s wrong. Next time you take them to the mall or anywhere and you see someone in a skimpy outfit make sure you hide them from it since you don’t want then to know. & if your children aren’t mature enough to see this commercial & realize it’s a joke, they shouldn’t be allowed to watch tv.

  • Gwen says:

    Love it!

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