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Walmart Employees Respond to Food Drive

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A food drive at a local Walmart is being used by critics who argue the company's employees have to donate to one another just so they can celebrate Thanksgiving.

The store allowed FOX 8's Dave Nethers inside, insisting the effort isn't at all what it seems.

Watch his report above.


  • Mark

    well “critics” do you know the military does the same things for Thanksgiving AND Christmas? Yes, we have military personnel who are in over their head, be it living beyond their means, having several children and a wife not employed out of home and being low rank, etc.

    Walmart is not a high paying job. Flip it – there are people with high paying jobs who are deep in debt, due to their own choices.

    • cheryl

      Maybe you should interview some of the associates that food and any kind of donations from other associates and management has helped then through though times.

  • Stephanie Murphy

    Wal-Mart should supply the Thanksgiving meal for it’s employees. Not like they don’t have Turkey and all the fixings available. Corporate greed is correct and couldn’t be more correct for the Wal-Mart corporation.

  • Chris

    Even though people have jobs tough times still happen. I am Thankful that Walmart helps there associates at a store level!!! Do you think all places of employment help there works. Nope they don’t just saying. Leave Walmart alone……

    • Don Collins

      Chris, this story isn’t about how Wal-Mart is helping it’s employees! It’s about how Wal-Mart’s employees are helping the less fortunate… other Wal-Mart employees! The bitter truth is Wal-Mart couldn’t give two s***s about its part-time labor force. They’re much like McDonald’s employee help website recommending that its employees sell their Christmas presents to buy food and to eat with smaller bites so that you can feel fuller with less. That’s really sage advice, don’t you think?

  • unknown

    I agree with Stephanie, obviously their employees are not being paid enough and it is a shame and embarassment that they employees are doing that for eachother, nice but a shame they have to do that. Walmart should definately supply them with food for the holidays as many sales as they get, i’m sure them people are definately overworked!

      • cheryl

        Everyone is not donating food,only if you want to.We are not made to donate.The reason to me for this is for associates that might have a situation come up that leaves them strapped for the holidays.Have you ever had a bad time,couldn’t make bill’s or get what you needed.Ever borrow money or anything from anyone?No one knows what life might throw at them.Is nice to know that there are ones out there that are willing to help if that might happen.Last year my husband passed away right before the holidays.Do you think I was thinking about a holiday meal,no I wasn’t,but when I received a holiday meal donation.I was so thankful for my store.I knew people cared what others went through and are lacking.Don’t judge us and our store when you don’t even know us.

  • Cassandra Rector

    If you have never worked for Walmart then you have no business commenting on this situation. Walmart DOES NOT underpay their associates. They do provide a beautiful Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner for the store. They also do other things throughout the year to help associates is need. I am proud to say that I used to work for Walmart. I will be the first to tell you my coworkers were a second family and HELL YES we take care of each other. There is no shame in it and we enjoy it. This act of kindness has absolutely no barring on the public at large so why don’t people just mind their own business. Better yet why don’t you take it apon your selves to learn from this example and get your employers to do the same thing. I’m certain every company out there has at least one person working for them that could use a little help during this time of the year.

    • Stephanie Murphy

      I would never degrade one person helping another. I have had a few friends that have worked for wal-mart and the standards must not be the same for every store. Underpaying wasn’t the problem at hand. What we are all noticing in this story is that everyone is providing food and so on to create a dinner for the employees. This to me signifies that wal-mart is not providing dinner for these people who they are having work on a family based day. We are saying shame on wal-mart for the situation. Maybe this wasn’t the case at your store but it is for this one. It’s great that they are pulling together disregarding the fact that wal-mart is slighting them. With an empire like wal-mart there should be plenty to go around. I respect your experience Cassandra. :)

  • Rod

    Why did the reporter only interview managers? How about interviewing some of the employees who are at the bottom of the ladder at Walmart? Wondering if there may be a difference.

  • Jen

    I am a previous employee of Walmart and these reports and some of these comments irritate me so bad. When I worked there I was one of the associates coordinating these types of things. And for the record every store donates money and food along with any items donated by associates to several associates who are having hard times. This type of thing is something to feel good about it represents what thanksgiving and Christmas are really about. Walmart does provide meals for all associates several times a year not just holidays. Walmart does everything they can to help associates. Walmart is not the lowest paying employer for the record and their are many opportunities for promotions all with different wages, it’s up to the associate to go out for those promotions. You cannot blame the company for its associates who choose to stay part time and stay in their current financial situation, blame the associate who has no ambition to move up. Walmart is a huge company with millions of opportunities. I worked there for 7 years and have dealt with negative comments from friends and family the entire time. Walmart is not a bad company. Yes they are large but they care about their associates and their communities. No one ever talks about their donations to he communities or the charity work Walmart does all everyone wants to do is degrade them. It makes me sick.

  • Jen

    And another thing…shame on all you for hating Walmart so much that you fail to see the beauty in this type of thing. You are the problem with society. Shame on Fox8 for making a negative story about a company that is just trying to help. And another note Walmart is a big company with millions of associates the fact that they help so many people is a good thing. This money comes from their profits which mind you is only 4% of their sales. I guarantee all of you shop at Walmart. If its such a bad company why do you contribute you money. Oh wait it’s so you can save money and live better!

  • B Melt

    Good grief, when the public holds a food drive for those in need no one goes around trying to blame the employers of those in need. Obviously everyone that works at Walmart does not have a need or else there wouldn’t be anyone to donate to the cause.

  • Barbara Patterson (@BarbaraPatter11)

    The ones causing this stink probably don’t work or Walmart, and maybe don’t work at all. What employees of Walmart do is no concern to the normal media. Many business in the US do this thru their employees. There are many times the silent few in a company that for what ever reason can’t always feed their brood, so the employees help them. Maybe they had medical bills that the insurance didn’t pick up, maybe someone in their family lost their job. Too, what do they think that Walmart should pay more than they are? The people took these jobs with the understanding that was the pay. They didn’t have to take it, they could have gone looking some more. What is wrong with the “Nut Cases”, can’t stand the fact that a company put people to work and you didn’t qualify for a job with Walmart, or you were such a pain that you got fired, so you go after the company for your problems?

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