I-Team: Bad Bathroom Behavior at Browns Muni Lot

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CLEVELAND--Something stinks in the muni lot and we're not talking about the trash that's left behind on game day.

The FOX 8 I-Team's Lorrie Taylor says long lines at the portable toilets have inspired some Browns fans to get creative in a way that's not only illegal, it's a threat to our environment.

Watch Lorrie's report above.


  • Bill

    doesnt all sewage go into the sewer? Im sure thats not what makes our lake toxic to swim in its the companies dumping into it

    • NE Oh Regional Sewer (@neorsd)

      Hello, Bill. My name is John from the Sewer District. I was just about to share this story and saw your comment. No, the drains in the muni lot are storm sewers. Sanitary sewers flow to our treatment plants, but storm sewers discharge directly to the lake, which means the waste (and any other lot pollution like trash, surface runoff, deicer in the winter, all sorts of stuff) washes right to the water untreated. That’s why it’s so important to keep these sewers (known as catch basins) as trash-free as possible.

  • HelloLady

    Suburban pigs… That bad car dealer commercial with the piggies say enough … Here we go piggies, here we go… Yeah we have a pig for you.

  • Josh

    This isn’t a difficult problem to fix… add more portable bathrooms, and the problem is solved. For what they charge to park down there, it is ridiculous how long the lines can get.

  • castman

    You think this is bad, put a hidden camera in the stadium bathrooms, they use the garbage cans and sinks inside the stadium!!! Have done this for 3 decades!!

  • Super bowl

    The derelicts at city hall cannot fulfill their duties to the city by ordering enough bathrooms so the citizens take it upon themselves to bring their own. City hall responds by asking everyone to just go on the ground instead. Unbelievable.

  • Dan

    Offer a private business the opportunity to add as many inexpensive 25 cent Porta Potties as they want on game day. Your choice is the city free potty with a longer line or a shorter 25 cent line. I’m guessing most will pay the 25 cents but some will pizz in a bucket just for the Hell of being crude.

  • Robert Robinson

    Urine (from Latin Urina, ae, f.) is a typically sterile liquid by-product of the body secreted by the kidneys through a process called urination and excreted through the urethra. Cellular metabolism generates numerous by-products, many rich in nitrogen, that require elimination from the bloodstream. These by-products are eventually expelled from the body during urination, the primary method for excreting water-soluble chemicals from the body. These chemicals can be detected and analyzed by urinalysis. Certain disease conditions can result in pathogen-contaminated urine.[1]

  • Christine

    This is basically telling the city that Muny Lot needs more bathrooms they are far and few between and the lines are outrageous so fans came up with a solution I do have a toilet seat the fits on a 5 gallon bucket I take when we go camping

  • Roger

    These fans disgust me. I refuse to take my children to a game around these savage humans. If you love this city like you claim you do so much go to church once in a while and stop waking up at 4AM and drinking and driving and polluting our city. Send this team to Baltimore too!

    • James

      Why don’t you go to Baltimore.
      You bible thumpers are all the same you pretend to sit on a high horse.
      Read your post is that how your Jesus would want you to tall k about your fellow man you know his other children.
      You’re nothing but a hypocrite it is you my friend that is a savage pretending to live your life according to a book written by men with an agenda centuries ago.

  • James

    You are an idiot if you put a toe in lake Erie it hasn’t been clean since cleve became a city.
    Im also so glad that go Fox 8 spent there resources on such a great expose instead of maybe figuring out where all of are tax money is wasted and whose pockets it goes in. Nope they do a story on pee.
    The small amount of urine that goes in the lake granted is very gross pails in comparison to the de-icer that goes in storm drains everytime it snows.

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