Police Investigating Possible Arson at Family Campground

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MONTVILLE TOWNSHIP, Ohio-- Police in Geauga County are investigating an apparent arson at a family campground. The same person or persons may be responsible for vandalizing dozens of campers, according to police.

Montville Township firefighters were called to respond to a fire at the Country Lakes Campground Saturday morning. Dan Stech, who lives next door, first saw the flames and called 911.

“I was in shock. I said, oh my God, it’s a fire. Nobody is back there. The campground is closed for the season,” he said.

Dash cam video from a Geauga County sheriff deputy's cruiser shows there was little the firefighters could do to save the cabin. It serves as the campground owners' summer home.

"I ran back there, and the cabin was burned down all the way around, burnt down to my knees. There were some high spots, but it was burning pretty well,” Stech added.

Authorities also found that 25 campers on the campground had been broken into and vandalized.

The campground has been closed for the season since October 6.

The Geauga County Sheriff's office is investigating the fire as a possible arson. It is not known how many people are responsible for the fire, and the extent of the damage to the campers.

"It seems that it is a target of opportunity for the criminal element in our community.  They come out here and they cause problems. They're going to get caught. What's done in the dark will come out in the light,” Stech said.

Anyone with information on what happened at the Country Lakes Campground is urged to call the Geauga County Sheriff's office.

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