Flesh-Eating Street Drug Expanding in U.S.


CHICAGO – A street drug that can cause deadly gangrene infections is expanding, now hitting the streets of Chicago.

The first U.S. case appeared in Utah and Arizona a few weeks ago.

Doctors at a Chicago-area hospital are treating three people for deadly symptoms of a new drug that originated in Russia, according to CBS Chicago.

The drug, ‘Krokodil,’ is similar to heroin and rots a user’s skin and muscle.

One of the victims is a 25-year-old woman and user of heroin for 10 years. CBS Chicago reports the woman started using the drug a month ago and is now in extremely critical condition.

The drug, also known as Desomorphine, is popular because it is extremely cheap. It is made of home-made heroin, mixed with gasoline or paint thinner and is usually injected.

According to CBS Chicago, the average life expectancy after the first use of the drug in Russia is 2 years.

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