Family Mourns Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

CLEVELAND–FOX 8 News has learned that a local soldier was killed over the weekend in Afghanistan.

“The last thing we talked about, he said he went on a mission and he got blown up. And he couldn’t sleep at night. And it was easy for me to relate because it’s happened to me multiple times. And I told him, ‘Hey, I’m home; you’re coming home,” said Jose Lopez, brother.

That was the last time the family of 27-year-old Army Specialist Angel Lopez, of Cleveland, would hear from him.

Lopez died while serving in Afghanistan over the weekend.

His family said Lopez’s superior officers from his station in Kentucky drove to Cleveland Saturday to notify his family.

“They drove all the way up from Kentucky, in honor of my brother, just to tell us,” said Cezar Lopez, brother.

Lopez was a graduate of John Marshall High School.

He was a son, brother, husband, and father to two little kids.

“What kills me the most is back in 2009, when I was out there and he was there. He was that person that I could talk to when I had my bad times about the service and now he’s gone,” cried Jose Lopez.

Lopez was stationed in Kentucky, where he lived with his wife and children.

His mother said Lopez was proud to wear the uniform.

“Mom just cried. She said I got my son home. And you wonder how can you take her pain? What was she feeling, watching her son in a white casket with a flag over it?” said Madmi DeJesus, aunt.

Lopez was to come home from Afghanistan in 30 days.

His family is hosting a candlelight vigil in his honor at 7:30 Monday night on Roadoan Road in Brooklyn.

The entire community is invited to attend.