Akron Woman Stabbed in her Sleep

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AKRON -- Police are looking for the man who broke into a 65-year-old woman's home while she was sleeping and stabbed her while she was in her bed.

"Honestly, it's just a shame, because she's all about family. She goes to work. She comes home. She's lived here for a really long time," neighbor, Melissa Helsel said.

The violent attack Tuesday morning has neighbors on edge.

"I'm afraid around here too. I'm scared to even sit on the porch now," neighbor, Gregory Goldsby said.

Police said the woman, who is hospitalized, will survive.

"From what I heard, it collapsed her lung and it was pretty close to her heart," Helsel said. "And it's always grandkids and family over here, and that's what it's about with her."

"She's always been nice to me. I even set her trash out. Thursday night, I set her trash out," Goldsby said.

Police said this is the second time in just a few days that someone has broken into the woman's home. Saturday, someone broke in and stole her car.

"They went in the house. They didn't harm her, her granddaughters," Helsel said.

Police said the thief stole money from the woman's purse before they grabbed her keys and stole her car while the woman was asleep.

The car was found abandoned on East Market Street.

The person who robbed her may be the same person who came back and stabbed her.

Akron police are asking anyone with information to call them with tips at (330) 375-2490.