Police: Chesterfield Suspect ‘Obsessed’ with Victim

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CLEVELAND -- A kidnap suspect drove his captive, who was an ex-girlfriend, to Detroit then back to Cleveland before shooting himself in the head.

Derrick Hudson pulled the trigger as officers approached him on Mapledale Avenue around 7 a.m. Monday, the Cleveland Division of Police said.

Hudson was in the passenger's seat of the red Dodge Magnum that belonged to victim Kenya Pierce.  She was in the driver's seat at the time.

It was the vehicle police had asked the public to watch for all weekend.  A man on his way to work saw it and called in a tip.

Pierce was considered to be in good condition and was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center for a few hours then released.

She told police she and Hudson had been driving since the abduction on Saturday morning.

That's when Hudson and Pierce were arguing at a Chesterfield Avenue home just before 10 a.m.

When Hudson's aunt and uncle, who are the landlords there, tried to step in to defend Pierce, they were both shot.

Andre Munds, 55, was hit in the chest and was upgraded to fair condition at MetroHealth Medical Center on Sunday.

His wife Ethel, 52, was shot in the thigh and breast area.  She was treated and released.

Hudson then forced Pierce into his car and began to drive away, but he hit a tree, police said.

Pierce was able to briefly get free but Hudson managed to get her back in the car.

At a news conference Monday, Cleveland Division of Police Chief Michael McGrath said Hudson was "obsessed" with Pierce.

According to police, Hudson was just paroled in December after spending ten years in prison for the manslaughter of Pierce’s boyfriend.

Back in the neighborhood, Kevin Andrews, who lives across the street, said, "I’m glad it's over with, glad the neighborhood can get back to normal."

“There’s a sense of closure because the girl is nice; she's safe and he put himself into that situation. I'm just glad the girl is okay,” he went on.

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Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:50 am

Press conference ends. Click here for additional updates:


Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:48 am

Chief says he wanted so many media updates to “keep the pressure on.” Thanks media and the gentleman who called in the tip about the car Monday morning.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:47 am

Commander Drummond: On Saturday there was an argument between Derrick Hudson and Kenya Pierce. Once they were in the car, Hudson struck a tree. Pierece got out of the car but may have been injured. Hudson got her back in the car.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:44 am

Chief: Victim and suspect had contact with each other prior to the abduction.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:43 am

Victim still being evaluated at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:41 am

Chief: No question the suspect was obsessed with the victim.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:41 am

The main concern initially was the victim herself at that time, chief says. Why Detroit? We don’t know at this time. They did come back through Elyria.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:40 am

Chief clarifies following a question by Fox 8’s Kevin Freeman: Victim briefly related to police that they did not stop anywhere.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:39 am

More specifics are expected once the victim is debriefed, chief says. Do know suspect and victim were continuously driving. They did not step anywhere the police are aware of.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:39 am

Medical examiner’s office was on the scene for evidence recovery.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:39 am

Suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:39 am

Victim was in good condition and taken to the hospital.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:38 am

As responding officers approached they heard a single gunshot. Suspect had a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:38 am

Chief: Citizen on way to work recognized car on Mapledale Avenue. Victim was in the driver’s seat. Suspect was in the passenger’s seat.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:37 am

Chief: Credible tip came in that suspect was in the Elyria area, believed to be heading back to Cleveland, so the efforts were doubled in this area.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:37 am

Chief: It was determined suspect was in the Detroit area, so Detroit took the lead.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:36 am

All investigative leads were followed. Abandoned houses and lots were checked.

Jessica Dabrowski August 19, 201311:36 am

Cleveland police chief recaps Saturday’s shooting and abduction at gunpoint.