Boy, 5, ID’ed as Second Tallmadge Victim

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TALLMADGE, Ohio – The second victim found in a wooded area of Tallmadge was identified Tuesday as Peyton Ralston, 5.

He and his mother, Wendy Ralston, 31, were reported missing last week.  Their bodies were found wrapped in bedding behind their home on Stone Creek Drive on Saturday.

The cause of death had not been determined at the time of this report.

During a news conference Tuesday morning, police said the amount of evidence was substantial and that it would take time to sort through it all.

No suspects have been named.  Police have interviewed many people, including Ralston's 39-year-old live-in boyfriend who is also Peyton's father.

According to Lt. Ron Williams, the boyfriend has been cooperating.

Williams said the last time anyone heard from Ralston was in a July 23 Facebook post, but it was not uncommon for breaks in communication between the woman and her family.  She was likely killed inside the house, Williams said.

Ralston's vehicle and one that belonged to the live-in boyfriend were towed from the scene so they could be processed for evidence and to make room in the garage for a staging area for investigators.

Tallmadge police haven't investigated a homicide in the city in at least eight years.

At least two officers have been patrolling the home since the double homicide came to light.

Police said they were called to Ralston's home in the past because of domestic issues, but would not comment further about those incidents.

Ralston also has a 13-year-old daughter who is in the custody of a grandmother.

Tips on the case may be provided by calling (330) 475-7638.

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Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:27 am

Press conference ends. Rely on Fox 8 News and for continuing coverage and click here for more:

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:20 am

There hasn’t been a homicide investigation in Tallmadge since 2004 or 2005, police say.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:19 am

Q: Is there any reason for the neighbors to be concerned?
Police: At least two police officers have been on that house since this has become knowledge.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:18 am

Two vehicles were towed Monday. One was Ralston’s, the other was the boyfriend’s. They were moved so the vehicles could be processed and so the garage could be used as a staging area.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:18 am

Police say there are many persons of interest, they are talking to a lot of people.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:17 am

Q: Would you say the boyfriend is a person of interest?
Police: I would say he is a person of interest because he lives in the house.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:16 am

Q: Where is the boyfriend right now?
Police: Don’t know, he is not a suspect.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:15 am

Police say last contact anyone had with Wendy Ralston was the morning of July 23.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:14 am

Fox 8’s Mark Zinni asks about the demeanor of the boyfriend. Police say he has been very cooperative.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:14 am

Q: Is this a double homicide investigation?
Police: Yes it is.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:13 am

Police: Amount of evidence is substantial and it will take time to sort.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:13 am

Fox 8’s Kevin Freeman inquires about the boyfriend. Police say they do not have a suspect yet.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:12 am

Police open up news conference to questions.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:12 am

Tips may be phoned in to 330-475-7638.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:12 am

Police say they don’t have cause of death yet and are still working on a suspect.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:11 am

Man living in the home was a 39-year-old boyfriend of Wendy Ralston. He is also the father of Peyton.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:10 am

Police have conducted several searches of the area.

Jessica Dabrowski August 13, 201311:10 am

Second Tallmadge body identified as 5-year-old Peyton Ralston.