Fox 8 Recipe Box: Cheesecake S’mores

It's National Cheesecake Day!

Tony Viola, the manager of The Cheesecake Factory at Legacy Village, has a unique take on an old classic.

In this video, he shares a creative, but easy-to-make recipe with the Fox 8 morning crew.

The recipe can be changed to feature a favorite cheesecake flavor.

To celebrate National Cheesecake Day, The Cheesecake Factory is offering any slice at half price for dine-in guests.


(Courtesy: The Cheesecake Factory)


  • Slices of your favorite cheesecake -- Tony recommends the following flavors:
    -Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple
    -Caramel Pecan Turtle
    -Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake
    - Vanilla Bean
    -White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Cheesecake
  • Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars
  • Honey Maid Graham Crackers
  • Jumbo Marshmallows


  • Place the cheesecake slices into the freezer for several hours until they are "deeply chilled."
  • Remove the deeply chilled slices of cheesecake from the freezer and cut into squares approximately 1/4 " thick. Set aside.
  • Place 3 squares of Hershey's Milk Chocolate on a graham cracker square.
  • Use a creme brulee torch to carefully warm the milk chocolate until it starts to get "shiny" across the top (approximately 15 seconds). (If you do not have a creme brulee torch, place it in a microwave for a few seconds.)
  • Cut a jumbo marshmallow into 1/3s and place one of the 1/3s (cut side "up") on top of the warmed milk chocolate.
  • Use a creme brulee torch to carefully toast the marshmallow until it turns a brown color (approximately 30 seconds). Note: Use a small container lid to "fan out" the flame when the marshmallow reaches the ideal color. (Use a microwave for a few seconds, if a torch is unavailable.)
  • Place the deeply chilled cheesecake square directly onto the toasted marshmallow and immediately top with another graham cracker square.