Cleveland Officers Honored for Excellent Work

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CLEVELAND– Several Cleveland City police officers received awards for excellent work they provided citizens in 2012.

The ceremony was held inside Cleveland City Council chambers Thursday evening.

During the ceremony, Officer Jeffrey Stanczyk, who is assigned to the community policing unit, was named police officer of the year.

The award is given to an officer who has demonstrated outstanding devotion to duty.

Ten officers received medal of heroism awards.

These awards are given to police officers who demonstrate extraordinary bravery or act in an exemplary and extraordinary manner while at substantial risk of personal harm.

Those receiving the awards are: Officer James Bryant, Officer Jarrod Durichko, Officer Bruce Garner, Officer Phillip Habeeb, Sgt. Edward Lentz, Officer Stephen Loomis, Officer Curtis Miller, Officer Vu Nguyen, Officer Aaron Reese, and Lt. George Seroka.

The following officers received the distinguished service medal, which is given to officers who demonstrate a high degree of personal initiative, and perform substantially beyond normal requirements: Officer Cynthia Adkins, Officer Charlene Arnold, Officer James Bryant, Officer David Crane, Officer Julio Dejesus, Officer Jarrod Durichko, Sgt. Jason Edens, Officer John Graves, Officer Michael Herrin, Officer Donald Kopchak, Officer Thomas Lynch, Officer Jean Norman, Officer Andrew Pesta, Sgt. Michael Richardson, Officer Mitchell Rowland, Officer Guy Sako, Officer Joseph Sedlak, Officer Scott Sieger, Sgt. Robert Strollo, Officer Wade Westerfield, and Officer Jeffrey Yasenchack.

And police officers were not the only ones that received special honors.

A dozen citizens received the Citizens Award Plaque. This award is given to citizens who distinguish themselves through the performance of a heroic act involving great personal risk.  Those honored were: Dorianne Buck, Rickie Buck, Robert Ector, Raleighisa Green, Synthia Hathorn, Jason Jones, Kelvin Jones, Dwayne McPherson, Tina Perkins, John Rongyos, Mark Schultz and Anthony Wisniewski.

Former Sheriff Bob Reid received the Division of Police Special Chief’s Recognition award and Donna Germany, a senior Data Conversion Operator, also received Special Services Recognition.