Kristi Capel’s Family Takes Over Fox 8

Posted on: 11:44 am, July 1, 2013, by , updated on: 11:49am, July 1, 2013

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  • Kristi's grandma, Ouida Rehburg, helps her grandpa, Jack Rehburg, with his microphone.

  • The family poses for the camera while waiting to go on air.

  • The family waves hello to the viewers at home.

  • Kristi's grandparents, Jack and Ouia Rehburg, on the set of Fox 8 News in the Morning.

  • Kristi's family gets settled on the set.

  • Kristi poses with her family members who are in town for her baby shower.

  • The family watches as Kristi and her Uncle Steve make their yummy bread pudding.

  • Kristi's brother watches as Uncle Steve and cousin Ruby make some delicious bread pudding.

  • Kristi attempts to help her uncle make the Southern Comfort Hard Sauce.

  • Wayne tries a bite of Uncle Steve's, "Mama's Blueberry Puddin' Gone Bad with Southern Comfort."

  • Kristi poses with college friend Leslie Sleeper.

  • The family chows down on Kristi's Uncle Steve's "Mama's Blueberry Puddin' Gone Bad with Southern Comfort."

  • Kristi's dad Bert adds a dollop of blueberry compote to his plateful of pudding.

  • Kristi's Mom, Patti Capel samples some of the blueberry bread pudding while on a break.

  • Kristi's grandma snuck a few bites of the bread pudding while waiting backstage.

  • Kristi's Uncle Steve made extra bread pudding for the crew to enjoy!

  • Yum! The crew couldn't get enough of the blueberry bread pudding! Did you know that it is National Blueberry Month?

Fox 8′s Kristi Capel had special visitors on Fox 8 News in the Morning. Her family traveled to the Cleveland area from North Carolina to attend her baby shower on Sunday.

Kristi’s Uncle, Steve Rehburg, is known for making delicious and creative meals for the family when they visit.  On Monday, he taught viewers how to make his award-winning “Mama’s Blueberry Puddin’ Gone Bad with Southern Comfort.”

Needless to say, the morning crew was quite content eating the leftovers! Especially Wayne!

Want to try “Mama’s Blueberry Puddin’ Gone Bad with Southern Comfort” for yourself? Click HERE for the recipe!

Kristi’s college friend, Leslie Sleeper, shares the story of Kristi’s competing in the Miss USA pageant after winning the Miss Minnesota title.

Has Kristi chosen a baby name yet?  Kristi’s Mom, Patti Capel, knows the answer!

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