Residents Rally for Dog Stabbed to Death

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LORAIN, OH —  Members of the Nitro Foundation and the Lorain Pooch Patrol gathered for a peaceful walk Sunday for a dog stabbed to death in Lorain County.

On June 22, Lorain Police arrested Emanuel Eisel, 30, for brutally stabbing a border collie at a relative’s home along the 1200 block of Massachusetts Avenue in Lorain.

Shortly after 8:30 p.m., the dog, Chew, growled at him while the dog was chained outside the home. Eisel, who has a long criminal history, allegedly picked the dog up by its tail off the ground.

The report states that the dog, protecting itself, then bit Eisel.  At this point, Eisel pulled out a 6-inch black pocket knife and proceeded to stab the dog multiple times.

Sunday, members of the different organizations gathered to seek justice for Chew, as well as raise awareness about animal abuse.

“We are the only abuse awareness group in Lorain County, and so we walk our dogs because it’s good for socialization and for the community,” said Candi Rogers, Vice President of the Pooch Patrol. “We defend dogs, cats, any type of animal abuse, pass out flyers, post flyers, give the community numbers so they can reach out of they see something, because they don’t have access to that. So that’s what we’re trying to promote here.”

The group will rally in front of the Lorain Municipal Court Monday afternoon.

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