Club Shut Down After Fatal Shooting

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CLEVELAND – A downtown Cleveland nightclub with a history of past violence was shut down a week after a fatal shooting took place outside the bar.

Police said a large fight inside Lounge 75 spilled out onto the street when the bar closed on June 22.

The fight led to shots being fired.

DeMario Warren, 23, of Cleveland was killed and a 21-year-old woman was shot in the ankle.

Florene Yarbrough walks past Lounge 75, which is just off Public Square, on her way to and from work. She had to walk past the crime scene the morning of the fatal shooting.

“It's not a comfortable feeling and we do wish that they would probably shut it down,” Yarbrough said.

Signs posted at Lounge 75 say it is now closed and that it has lost its lease.

Cleveland Councilman Joe Cimperman said the city was in the process of shutting down the nightclub when the landlord took action.

"I think the owner recognized that it was in his best interest and the best interest of the City of Cleveland to close the establishment,” Councilman Cimperman said.

There was a similar incident there two years ago. Then, the place was called Club Allure. Three men were shot and seriously wounded while leaving the bar.

Councilman Cimperman said in both cases, it was not about having enough police presence in the area.

“What happened was alcohol, plus gun violence, plus a place that was out of control equals absolute tragedy,” he said.

Councilman Cimperman said the city is deciding whether it will try to revoke the liquor license associated with Lounge 75.

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