Gun-Toting Granny Fights Off Intruder

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ANAHEIM, California -- A would-be burglar got more than he bargained for after allegedly trying to break into the home of an elderly couple in Orange County, California.

A gun-toting granny fought back.

Jan Cooper, 72,  called 911 late Saturday night to report a stranger outside her home.

She was alerted when her Rottweiler started barking.

"I had already decided, if he opens the door, then I have to stop him," Cooper said.

She fired one shot, just barely missing her target.

"I was off my mark," Cooper said.

But the shot was enough to scare off the suspect.

"'I'm sorry ma'am. I'm sorry. I'm leaving. Don't shoot,'" Cooper recalled the intruder saying.

Deputies arrived quickly and arrested a 31-year-old man.

"You have no idea how lucky you were to be able to walk away from my house," Cooper said.

Cooper had good reason to be so protective of her house. Her husband is a disabled World War II veteran who is in a wheelchair.

Orange County Sheriff's officials say Cooper did everything by the book. She had the gun registered and she had every right to use the gun to protect herself.