DNA Sample Leads to Arrest in Murder Case

CLEVELAND -- Nearly 30 years after the murder of Gloria Pointer, police say they may have caught the man who did it.

And a partial DNA sample just may have been the link that helped solve the case.

Police sources tell the I-Team that the Cuyahoga County cold case unit worked with a Cleveland police homicide detective and cracked the case by submitting the partial DNA sample collected years ago.

New technology allowed the sample to be processed.

A suspect was taken into custody after his DNA was a match in Gloria's case. Law enforcement sources also said that the suspect is a registered sex offender.

Gloria’s mother, Yvonne Pointer, also confirmed that police have contacted her regarding a suspect, who is now being held for questioning in the teenager’s death.

Fourteen-year-old Gloria was on her way to Harry E. Davis Junior High when she disappeared on December 6, 1984. She was set to receive a perfect attendance award that day. She never made it to school.

Her body was later found on Churchill Avenue at the bottom of a stairwell, within sight of the school building. Police say she was raped and bludgeoned to death.

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