PICTURES: Ariel Castro in Court

Posted on: 8:00 am, May 9, 2013, by , updated on: 09:16am, May 9, 2013

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  • Media members line up for Ariel Castro's arraignment.

  • Media from around the world outside of the Justice Center.

  • Media live trucks line up outside the Justice Center.

  • Onil and Pedro Castro.

  • Ariel Castro stands with his head down as he waits in court for his arraignment.

  • Onil, Pedro and Ariel Castro stand together in court.

  • Pedro Castro pleads no contest to a 2011 open container charge.

  • Onil Castro's minor offenses from 2001 are dismissed.

  • Ariel Castro waives examination on each kidnapping and rape case.

  • Judge sets Ariel Castro's bond at $2 million per case and orders no contact with victims or their families.

  • Ariel Castro signs court documents.

  • Ariel Castro in court.

  • Ariel Castro leaves court.

CLEVELAND — The man accused of holding three women captive for nearly a decade appeared in court Thursday. View the above gallery for pictures of his much-anticipated arraignment.