Josh Cribbs Takes Champion Senior to Prom

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CHAMPION, Ohio — He announced it on Twitter earlier this month: former Browns player Josh Cribbs is headed back to school.

It’s only for one night, though. He broke out his dancing shoes to escort a Trumbull County student to her high school prom Saturday.

Leanne Brown is a senior at Champion High School and wasn’t even planning on going to the dance this year.

Her mother works as an assistant for Cribbs. When she told him her daughter was going to skip because she didn’t have a date, he picked up the phone and invited her himself.

“I usually don’t bring dates to dances because they’re overrated,” said Leanne. “She told him…a week later, I go to call her and Josh answered and asked me to my own prom. I was speechless. I couldn’t say anything, and then when I could, I was like, ‘are you serious’?”

Cribbs tweeted the news to his thousands of followers on Twitter to solidify the plans. Leanne soon became a celebrity herself, picking up hundreds of new followers.

She and her mom drove to Josh’s home for pictures Saturday. His wife swept her away and did her make-up.

“I think when I woke up this morning, I still didn’t believe it at all, but when I was driving here in his car, it all hit me and now it’s exciting,” said Leanne. “It’s definitely something I loved, changed my life forever.

The dance was held at McMenamy’s in Niles.

“It was a great thing,” said Cribbs. “I think she’ll have a good time, and it will make her year. What better thing to have at end of the year than to have somewhat of a celebrity take you to the prom, and I hope I’m making her night one to remember.”

Cribbs said while he’s comfortable returning kick-offs, he can’t dance. But he promised he’d hit the dance floor and make it a memorable night for Leanne and her classmates.

“I can’t dance,” said Cribbs. “I have rhythm, though. It’s going to have to touch me (in my heart) for me to come out on the dance floor, but whatever it is hope everyone won’t laugh too hard at me when I dance.”