Barberton High is a Cool School!

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BARBERTON, Ohio -- Barberton High School has the distinction of a state rating of "excellent."

The approach to academics involves team learning for the 9th and 10th graders. Teachers share the same group of students for the core classes. Teacher Pam Rockich said that can mean more individualized attention for each student.

"We have time to meet as a group of teachers and really look at how our students are performing, where they need help, what we can do for them, if they are falling through the cracks, if they need some support,” Rockich said.

There are also honors, college prep and post-secondary classes that can be taken here. And, the compact courses or vocational classes offer real-life experiences.

Seniors Jana Sawalama and Janel Mitchell are in the DECA Marketing management program.

“We learn the basics about marketing management skills and we compete in different levels. This upcoming Tuesday, we’ll be heading to Anaheim, California to compete in nationals in the category of sports and entertainment,” they said.

In some classrooms, students no longer use a textbook. They access their lessons and work online. All ninth graders use net-books and I-pads for all their core classes-- English, math, science and social studies. "Learning from technology is a lot easier. It's easier to access. If by chance you are away from home or school and you need to finish an assignment you can go on the internet anywhere,” ninth grader Marja Radmanovic said.

And, just l like there are so many academic options, Barberton High School students are involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities. There are varsity sports, advancement to nursing, math club, wrestling and student council to name a few.

Barberton High School is head over heels, excited to be named this week's Fox 8 Cool School.

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