Pictures: Fox 8 Baseball Challenge at Progressive Field

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  • On your marks, get set, eat!-- Todd and Kenny put their mouths to the test during a hot dog eating contest at Progressive Field.

  • Kenny throws a fast ball during a competition inside Progressive Field.

  • Kenny gets his game face on the mound inside Progressive Field.

  • Todd Meany winds up and lets loose inside Progressive Field

  • Wayne kicks up his leg hoping to throw a strike inside Progressive Field.

  • Three strikes and you're out! Wayne Dawson shows off his "arm" at Progressive Field.

  • Scott Sabol gets up close with Fox 8 videographer Billy Muhammed at Progressive Field

  • Swingin' Scott Sabol scores at Progressive Field.

  • Scott breaks out the "gun show" while showing off at Progressive Field.

  • A swing and miss! Kenny tries to get on base inside Progressive Field.

  • 'Hitting it with Kenny'-- Kenny tries to get a homerun

  • Wayne's perfect stance- will it get him a grandslam?

  • Wayne hits a home run inside Progressive Field.

  • How many baseballs can Todd Meany carry?

  • Kenny, Scott and Wayne cheers on Todd as he steps up to bat.

  • Wayne Dawson getting pitching tips from Kenny Crumpton.

  • Swing Meany Swing.. (Todd Meany at Progressive Field)

  • Scott Sabol winds up for the perfect pitch inside Progressive Field.

  • Fox 8 crew with the Hot Dog Mascots at Progressive Field.

  • Wayne Dawson's perfect batting stance at Progressive Field

  • Todd Meany practices his 'perfect pitch'-- strike 1 at Progressive Field

  • Fox 8's Scott Sabol at Progressive Field

  • Scott Sabol gets photo bombed by 'Ketchup' at Progressive Field.

  • Who will the race-- Fox 8 vs the Hot Dog Mascots at Progressive Field

  • Fox 8's Kenny Crumpton 'falling' as they prepare to race the hot dog mascots at Progressive Field.

  • Fox 8's Todd Meany and Kenny Crumpton at Progressive Field.. ( Todd helped Kenny up after he fell while trying to race the hot dog mascots)

  • Hot Dog Mascots lining up for their picture at Progressive Field.

  • Fox 8 videographer Billy Muhammed tries to get the perfect on Progressive Field.

  • Scott tries to catch a home run ball at Progressive Field.

  • Fox 8's Kenny Crumpton, Todd Meany, Wayne Dawson and Scott Sabol

  • Scott Sabol captures the moment at Progressive Field.

  • Todd Meany, Wayne Dawson and Kenny Crumpton stretch and warm-up before the competition at Progressive Field

Part of the Fox 8 Morning Show crew prepared for ‘Opening Day’ at Progressive Field.

Check out our snapshots as Wayne Dawson, Kenny Crumpton, Scott Sabol and Todd Meany compete in various challenges..

Who will be crowned the MVP?

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